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Top 7 States With the Highest Demand for Nurses

Top 7 States With the Highest Demand for Nurses

In the medical field, it is no secret that there is a great need for nurses. Nurses serve as caregivers, decision makers, communicators, patient advocates, and teachers.

As more and more clinics and hospitals open, there is a resulting increased demand for qualified nurses to staff these facilities.  Furthermore, the aging population will have greater medical needs requiring increased medical care and medical staffing.

Nursing is one of the most popular areas of study while in school, but the current and projected needs will require a greater influx of qualified professionals to fill the ever-growing needs.  According to the Bureau of Health Professions, an estimated shortage of qualified nursing professionals will reach 29%, or 800,000 nurses by 2020. That places nursing at the top of the list for future employment growth.

The American Nursing Association says on their website, “America is seeing vast increases in the number of people over 65. This age group has many medical and health needs, and will put a strain on our health system.  Recent reforms in healthcare will give millions of people access to the healthcare system. More nurses and health professionals are needed in response.”

The demand for nurses is also expected to be primarily on the East and West coast, while the middle of the country will have a surplus. Thus, the areas most in need of nurses can be predicted with reasonable accuracy.

We have identified the top seven states that will be in the highest demand for nurses in the next ten years, and have included the top hospital in each state that will be looking for nursing help.

Top 7 States with the Highest Demand for Nurses:

1. Maryland

Having been previously ranked as the best hospital for nursing by multiple publications, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland should be at the top of the list for any nursing candidate searching in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area.

Johns Hopkins ranks very highly for both job opportunities and employee satisfaction.

2. Rhode Island

One of New England’s finest hospitals - and a 2013 Beacon Award for Nursing Excellence winner - Rhode Island Hospital should be a premium destination for nursing candidates in the northeast United States.

3. North Carolina

Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina is a not-for-profit hospital founded in 1940. They are currently seeking registered nurses across a variety of disciplines. The hospital offers flexible scheduling, and even offers $2000 in relocation services for qualified candidates.

If you need additional information on some of the jobs they’re hiring for, visit our in-depth career profiles.

4. California

One of the most education-focused hospitals in the country, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California provides over 100 years of established excellence for it’s staff.

Cedars-Sinai goes the extra mile for their nursing staff, and according to their website they “provide the highest caliber of patient care because our nurses bring every ounce of their compassion, expertise and dedication every day.” This dedication was won Cedars-Sinai four consecutive Magnet Designation for Nursing Excellence.

5. Arizona

The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona is not only one of the finest hospitals in the county and listed in Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Best Companies to Work For - but it also is in need or nurses.

In fact, Mayo Clinic hires nurses in over 60 specialties, and Arizona is expected to have a nursing shortage of over 28,000 nurses by the year 2025.

6. Maine

In a smaller state that may not be come to mind immediately - Maine - Aroostook Hospital in Presque Isle, Maine is a general medical and surgical hospital that serves a large rural area. While it is a smaller area, Becker's Hospital Review expects Maine to have a nursing shortage of 1,700 nurses by the year by 2025.

7. Washington

Seattle Children’s Hospital is Magnet Recognized for Nursing Excellence and a member of the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals. The premier hospital in the Pacific Northwest, this hospital should be at the top of the list for west coast nursing candidates looking for an excellent work environment.

With a WHO estimated workforce shortage of 12.9 million by the year 2035, nursing appears to be one of the most in-demand careers of the future. With lucrative pay, flexible hours, and rewarding work life, a career in nursing should be highly considered by individuals considering a career in the medical field.

If you are curious about the educational requirements of nursing, or some of the most popular nursing specialties, be sure to visit our articles page. When the time arrives, be sure to visit the Leading Career Portal for Healthcare & Hospital Jobs at

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