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Image by Hanna Syvak via Adobe Stock In the bustling corridors of hospitals and quiet rooms of clinics, social workers in healthcare serve as unsung heroes. Their profound impact resonates through the lives of patients and their families, weaving a safety net that catches those in need during the most vulnerable times.  With empathy and expertise, these professionals navigate the complexities of human emotions and healthcare...
Image Source: Freepik The healthcare industry is at the forefront of technological innovation, using cutting-edge solutions and tools to improve patient outcomes and streamline operations. Healthcare is undergoing an extensive technological transformation, from the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing to the increasing use of automated workflows and digital data. Although these technologies offer the potential to...
The adage that “Good help is hard to find” has never been more true than it is today, particularly as it relates to medical staffing. A healthcare staffing crisis that was growing slowly before the pandemic has accelerated rapidly since, leading to long wait times, difficult transitions and reduced quality of care.  Many hospitals have employed creative means of bringing their staffing needs in line with availability....
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