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Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Top Hospital Administration Jobs

The healthcare industry continually needs experienced professionals to lead the next wave of patient care. While medical professionals are needed to help treat and care for patients, there is a growing need for a new wave of hospital administration leaders to help guide the healthcare industry moving forward. We have compiled the top hospital administration jobs in today’s growing healthcare industry, along with job descriptions for each.


Education Required For Hospital Administration Jobs

Hospital administration jobs are some of the most prestigious positions in a hospital. These professionals hold many of the high ranking leadership positions on a hospital staff and help set the guidance moving forward. Typically, individuals who hold a hospital administration degree are required to obtain a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration.

While obtaining a Master’s Degree for a hospital administration role isn’t required, it is recommended to allow for additional upward mobility in a hospital administration career path.

A hospital administration degree is a program designed to develop professionals with the ability to design, implement, and manage healthcare operations in the healthcare industry.

Typical instruction for a healthcare administration degree revolves around taking classes in human resource management, healthcare systems operation, healthcare systems management, resource allocation, policy design, policy management. In addition, some healthcare administration students will receive instruction in general business courses such as financial management, business management, and public relations.

Those who seek a master’s degree in healthcare administration will receive extra courses focused around long term care administration, healthcare executives, information systems, healthcare economics, and public healthcare history.


Top Hospital Administration Jobs


1. Healthcare Chief Executive Officer


Healthcare Chief Executive Officer - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Chief Executive Officer is the highest position one could possibly hold as a hospital administration job. A healthcare CEO is the professional who helps determine and formulate policies for overall direction of the hospital and healthcare system. These individuals are typically governed by a board of directors who helps provide input and oversight.

Healthcare CEOs are involved in monitoring the day to day operations at the highest hospital administration level. Hospital CEOs are responsible for providing leadership guidance to ensure sustained success and future growth opportunities while monitoring and providing leadership to other chief officers in the hospital and healthcare system.

Degree Required:

Master in Health Administration, Master of Business Administration, or a Dual Master’s Degree in both MHA and MBA.


2. Chief Healthcare Operations Officer


Chief Healthcare Operations Officer - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Chief Operations Officer is often responsible for overseeing the strategic initiatives, financial budget management, oversee quality of care standards, and ensure overall patient satisfaction levels are met and improved upon.

In addition, hospital COOs are responsible for additional collaboration and partnerships. These collaborations or partnerships might be within the local community, state organizations, or with other hospital and healthcare companies.

Degree Required:

Master’s Degree in Health Administration, Master’s Degree in Nursing, or Executive Certification.


3. Clinical Manager


Clinical Manager - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Clinical managers are responsible for managing both administrative and medical operations to ensure that everything runs smoothly under their watch. Clinical manager responsibilities typically include managing various professional, administrative, clinical, and clerical staff.

In addition, clinical managers are responsible for hiring, development, oversight of, and leadership guidance to staff members. Clinical managers are also tasked with helping implement policies and hospital directives, monitoring budgets, attending various meetings, and handling effective communication between both hospitals and their patients.

Degree Required:

Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Law and Ethics, or a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Healthcare Finance.


4. Department Director


Department Director - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Hospital department directors are in charge of directing the overall activities and productivity of a department within a hospital. These directors are in charge of overall management and implementation of all strategic and operational guidelines set forth by the board of directors and chief officers within each respective department in a hospital.

These directors work hand in hand with hospital executives and department managers who are on the forefront of enacting the policies set forth to improve standards of quality care.

Degree Required:

Bachelor’s Degree In Health Science, Master’s Degree In Health Sciences or Health Administration


5. Department Manager


Department Manager - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Department managers are in charge of working with employees directly under them who typically deal with patients. There are several department managers to help provide any immediate answers to questions or concerns that their immediate subordinates might have.

These department managers work hand in hand with department directors to ensure that policy guidelines are being implemented and goals are being met. In addition, department managers help oversee employee scheduling, supplies, and adherence to budget. Department managers often have different days each week and never fall under a typical daily routine as some of the other positions on our list.

Degree Required:

Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences, or Master’s Degree in Health Administration or Public Health.


6. Hospital Facility Manager


Hospital Facility Manager - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Hospital facility managers are in charge of one of the most important assets, the hospital itself. Hospital facility managers are responsible for ensuring that the facility, and facility operations are complaint under appropriate regulations.

Hospital facility managers are also responsible for designing or renovating various hospital facilities, solicitation and evaluation of potential hospital expansions, and monitoring the engineers responsible for hospital expansion.

Degree Required:

Bachelor’s Degree in Facility Management, or Master’s Degree in Facility Management


7. Healthcare Consultant


Healthcare Consultant - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Healthcare consultants are typically management analysts who work closely with executives and directors in hospitals, to help diagnose areas of improvement. Healthcare consultants typically examine hospital efficiency, profits, and hospital structure. From there, healthcare consultants typically offer suggestions for improvements.

One of the most essential hospital administration jobs are those healthcare consultants who can help provide guidance and direct changes moving forward.

Degree Required:

Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Healthcare, or Human Resources.


8. Nurse Manager


Nurse Manager - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Nurse managers are one of the leading hospital administration jobs moving forward. With the recent nursing shortage, nurse managers are needed to help provide guidance to the new nurses entering the healthcare industry. Becoming a nurse manager is one of the many hospital administration jobs that someone could achieve after a few years of experience.

Nurse managers are responsible for evaluating on-staff nursing professionals, providing additional feedback and guidance to those nurses, helping oversee development of future education or care programs, and maintaining inventory.

Degree Required:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Master of Science in Nursing.


9. Nursing Director


Nursing Director - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Becoming a nursing director is one of the best jobs hospital administration jobs that still oversee patient care directly. Nursing directors oversee supervision of nurses, budgets, record keeping, and direct interaction with patients and family members.

Some of the other hospital administration jobs on our list don’t have the opportunity to interact with patients in their daily routine, but nursing directors still have that opportunity as their interaction with patients can directly influence future healthcare policies and guidance put forth by the director.

Degree Required:

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, or Master’s Degree in Nursing.

10. Hospital Operations Manager


Hospital Operations Manager - Top Hospital Administration Jobs
Another one of the top hospital administration jobs is the hospital operations manager position. Typically, the responsibilities for a hospital operations manager includes managing quality assurance programs, supervising staff members, hiring additional staff, training employees, and creating new strategies to improve care efficiency and staff productivity.

Degree Required:

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, Master’s Degree in Business Administration, or Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration.


11. Hospital Program Manager


Hospital Program Manager - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

One of the best hospital administration jobs that most don’t consider is the hospital program manager. In some cases these positions are held by marketing or human resource professionals, but those who have a healthcare or health science degree can also hold this position with several years of experience.

Hospital program managers coordinate scheduling, negotiate pricing for program campaigns, and review technical performance of various campaigns. Some of the campaigns might be new health initiatives, company policies, or new hospital-wide team initiatives.

If you currently hold a healthcare profession and are looking to move upward, becoming a hospital program manager is one of the recommended hospital administration jobs that is always seeking talent that has experience implementing those policies previously.

Degrees Required:


12. Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager - Top Hospital Administration Jobs

Human resource managers help maintain and enhance the hospital’s most important asset, their staff. Human resource managers are in charge of helping plan, implement, and evaluate different employee relation guidance policies and programs.

Human resource managers work closely with hospital program managers to spread the word and increase engagement with different human resource programs that need to be pushed. In addition, human resource managers are in charge of conducting and creating new employee orientation and training programs.

If you’re already in a healthcare profession, additional education or certifications might be required to obtain a human resource management position. Human resource managers are one of the vital hospital administration jobs that are essential to improving quality of care standards, as hospitals and healthcare systems are looking to hire qualified talent in an increasingly competitive job marketplace with rising healthcare needs.

Degree Required:

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, or Related Field.


Summary of Article

As you can see there are plenty of hospital administration jobs available to those who would like to start a career or make a career change in the healthcare administration field. There are plenty of available jobs for both those who are currently in the healthcare industry, or those who are just starting out. Our top hospital administration jobs should help guide you in narrowing down your job search.


Top Hospital Administration Jobs Infographic

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Top Hospital Administration Jobs Infographic

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