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Do I Need A LinkedIn Profile For Healthcare Jobs?

Do I Need A LinkedIn Profile For Healthcare Jobs?

“I am a nurse. Do I need a LinkedIn profile to find a job?” This is a common question for job seekers in the healthcare industry. Job seekers are often afraid that they will only lose precious time if they spend too much of it on social networks instead of applying to vacant positions.

The exact answer to this question is “Yes, you do need a quality LinkedIn profile with relevant information if you work in the healthcare industry”. With more than 400 million users, there are plenty of reputable healthcare recruiters looking for promising and qualified employees.

So, regardless of your occupation in the healthcare industry, a worthy LinkedIn profile will boost your chances of getting a job. Don’t believe us? Check out these 5 reasons that will convince to create your own LinkedIn profile.

1. You Create and Control Your Personal Brand

One great benefit of LinkedIn is that your profile is your personal space where you can create your professional image independently. You understand what kind of job you want to get, and you can craft your LinkedIn profile to highlight your experience and skills for those related positions.

When you know what positions you are targeting in your healthcare job search, you can create the perfect LinkedIn profile.

With the right activity, the “targeted” recruiters will see your profile and get back to you later – thus making your job search even easier.

Furthermore, you are the individual who controls the professional virtual personality. You can present the right information, communicate with the right people and build your network, as well as participate in different groups and communities.

In addition, you can add your resume to your LinkedIn profile so healthcare recruiters and employers can grab it off your profile and find out more about your background.

2. Stay Up To Date With Changes

Another great benefit of LinkedIn, is that it isn’t just about finding a job or building a professional network. LinkedIn has plenty of useful blog posts with new information and helpful tips for various professional industries, including the healthcare industry.

There are plenty of groups and communities focused around the healthcare industry, where you can connect with other healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses. When you connect with these other healthcare professionals, you can find new and exciting job opportunities that you might not have found elsewhere.

LinkedIn is also a great way for you to receive recommendations from professionals currently in your network, as most jobs are filled from within or close recommendations.

3. Your Profile Contains Extra Information

Due to the fact that you can’t stuff your resume with everything you want to, LinkedIn is a great way to add some additional important information you would like to share with healthcare recruiters and potential employers.

LinkedIn is a great way to detail in greater detail about your education, certifications, courses taken, training received, valuable internships, professional experience, volunteering activities, achievements, and more.

Most of this information is too lengthy to place on a resume, but is vital to showcase how you differ from other candidates applying to the same position.

If you can’t put it on your resume, you can put it on your LinkedIn profile. If the recruiter wants to get a full picture of you, they will often look at your LinkedIn and you can separate yourself from other candidates.

4. You Can Extend Your Network

LinkedIn is a great way for you to expand your network, and develop your contact list. When you develop your network, you can find out about newly opened healthcare job postings, roles, or learn useful tips that can guide you in your healthcare job search.

You can imagine your LinkedIn network as virtual professional peers. By connecting with them and expanding your network, you can highlight your experience, gain insights, and receive recommendations for future positions that you apply to.

It’s important to remember that you don’t just want to connect or network with everyone, quality matters as well.

5. You Become Visible for Employers and Recruiters

What you put on your LinkedIn profile matters. Through the use of the right headlines, job titles, set of keywords, and other SEO elements - job seekers find you fast through the use of your LinkedIn profile.

Usually, healthcare recruiters, hiring managers, and employers search by the job titles, headlines, locations, etc. to find candidates that might match their vacant position criteria.

If you craft a profile that is close to the details of positions you hope to hold, healthcare recruiters will find you quickly.

As one can see, creating a LinkedIn profile for your healthcare career and job search is important if you wish to make your job search easier and get as many interviews as possible.

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Victoria Vein is a writer and content manager of CV Politan company. Victoria researches and analyzes the trends in the labor market to see its impact on the job hunting process and helps others find career opportunities.

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