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Best Recruitment Agencies for Healthcare Employers

Best Recruitment Agencies for Healthcare Employers

Let’s face facts. The advertising industry makes almost $105 billion every year. And with over 200 billion ads being blasted to Americans on an annual basis, your healthcare recruiting ad is guaranteed to reach a ton of people too.

Are you one of many medical recruiters looking for candidates? Here’s the deal: healthcare employers could gain a lot from a recruitment advertising agency. Find out the best recruitment advertising agencies for healthcare employers here!

All About Healthcare Recruitment Agencies

Want to know a secret? Recruiting professionals in the healthcare industry can be a full-time job. That’s why so many companies are relying on healthcare recruitment job boards to find top-notch talent around the globs.

For those that are curious about the future of the medical industry, it’s only going to get smarter from here. By that, we mean that healthcare professionals will be doing everything from treating and diagnosing patients quicker to access their data faster.

Naturally, that means that the healthcare industry is changing at a brisk pace as well. How can this possibly apply to you? It’s simple: hiring medical experts with the right experience has become a number one priority for:

Not only that, but there’s such a high demand for quality medical care that there could even be a shortage of healthcare professionals in the future, including doctors and primary care pros. However, finding skilled job candidates doesn’t have to make you want to pull your hair out.

In fact, there are several healthcare job boards out there that are specially designed to help people like you. But before going on a hiring frenzy, there are a few things that you should think about first:

  • Look for marketers with healthcare experience
  • Consider contract instead of full-time hires

For starters, look for marketers with healthcare experience. That means that they should have proven knowledge of medical advertising tactics. Plus, they need to have data or customer reviews that show their strategies really work too.

Can’t afford full-time hires? Consider contract workers instead. Admit it – hiring employees that work 40 hours a week can be unnecessary and pricey. It doesn’t hurt to think about contracting healthcare employees as a more affordable alternative!

Perks of Hiring a Healthcare Recruiter

Curious about the perks of hiring a recruiter? We got your back. When it comes to healthcare marketing, there are a lot of different challenges out there, including changing government laws and advancing technology.

But if healthcare marketers decide to ignore certain state or federal rules, then they’re placing your entire business at risk for vicious lawsuits. Not only that, but there is an overwhelming amount of marketing tech on the market as well. That’s why you need an expert medical marketing firm with knowledge of the latest compliances and regulations.

And here’s the kicker. The healthcare advertising experts of today have to be pros at using social media too. That’s because it’s the number one way to reach prospective job candidates.

On top of that, social media is one of the most effective ways to inform the masses as well. Some patients are choosing to interact with their doctors over the phone rather than face-to-face, which adds a whole new element to healthcare marketing tactics. Of course, the marketing firm that you choose has to bring in tons of qualified candidates to get paid as well.

Are you sick and tired of looking for healthcare professionals on your own? Another pro of hiring a healthcare recruitment firm is that they usually have decades of experience in their field. That means that they will know what it takes to find people with the medical skills that your hospital or clinic needs.

In addition, most medical marketing team members will spend countless hours searching for job candidates nationwide for you. They’ll typically even seek out medical pros who aren’t actively job hunting, just in case they can be persuaded to make a change too. Lastly, they normally look for a candidate that’s a great “culture fit” for your business.

How to Find Healthcare Recruitment Firms

Want more healthcare recruitment tips? We’ve got you covered. If you’re a healthcare employer that’s looking for a good marketing team, we have a few mind-blowing tips that will make your hiring process easier than ever.

First of all, the medical marketing team’s reputation should be one of the most important things to consider. Let’s face it: nowadays, the only thing that people care about are online reviews. Naturally, the same rule extends to the healthcare marketing world too.

So, it’s super essential for the healthcare marketing firm that you choose to have positive word-of-mouth reviews, especially since they’ll be representing your medical company. They’re some of the first contacts that will talk to potential staff, nurses, and doctors as well.

Another rule of thumb is to look at professional partnerships between your medical marketing firm and other companies. It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of your own investigating to see what’s really going on either. You can get started by getting a list of client and clinical references from the marketing firm of your choice.

Ready to start searching for a healthcare recruitment company? Asking the following questions at the start will save you both time and money:

  • How long does it take you to fill up certain positions?
  • Which recruiters do you use for specific projects?
  • What are the “bench strengths” of your marketing recruiters?
  • How much of the candidate’s recruiting process do recruiters handle?
  • Will these recruiters give benefits to job candidates?
  • Do they offer traveling teams or per diem?

Take some time to think about whether your marketer’s brand fits your company image. As the face of your organization, they have to reach out to healthcare employees in an authentic voice.

Choosing the Best Medical Sites for Recruiters

Having trouble finding the right healthcare marketing team for you? Despite this, you shouldn’t just give up in defeat. As a matter of fact, you’re in luck because we’re here to show you the way.

Take a look at a couple of must-read tips for choosing a medical marketing recruiting firm first:

  • Figure out what their job candidate reach is
  • Calculate exactly what you’ll get for your investment
  • Find out the best time to fill job positions

Let’s talk about figuring out what your healthcare team’s reach is, including the actual scope of their services. For example, you might be searching for medical pros for several different jobs in a hospital or private clinic. If that’s the case, then you can’t go wrong by choosing a marketer with expertise in a wide range of medical fields for your organization.

Next, it’s time to calculate exactly what you’ll get for your investment. Although you might want to pinch pennies by selecting a cheaper marketing firm, you could be giving up on quality instead. And nobody wants that to happen, right? On the flip side, just because a recruitment agency is charging the most, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best.

We can’t emphasize this enough: taking the time to see what services you’ll receive for your money can help you decide which medical marketing team is the best fit.

Then, find out the best time to fill job positions. Better yet, ask each healthcare marketing agency how long it could take them to find certain candidates for you. While some specialties are easier to find, like nursing, others are way more difficult.

You should also consider what the fill rate is for each job position is too. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to see how well they’ll attend to your needs.

Additional Tips for Finding Healthcare Recruiters

Looking for additional tips for finding high-quality healthcare recruiters? We’re here to help. Since there’s such a high turnover for medical employees, it’s not uncommon for hospital employers to hire marketing agencies for a little extra help.

Here’s the deal. There are some healthcare recruiting marketing companies that only focus on special professions or positions, while others focus on a wide variety of jobs such as:

  • Registered vocational nurses
  • Registered practical nurses
  • Registered physical therapists
  • Registered occupational therapists
  • Registered occupational speech therapists
  • Registered home health aids

That’s not all. Don’t forget that there are medical marketing firms that reach out to everything from:

  • Operating room professionals
  • Emergency room professionals
  • CT scan professionals
  • Radiation professionals
  • Social worker professionals
  • Administrative professionals
  • Front office professionals

You need to find a recruitment agency that aligns with your needs. Are you looking to fill a wide range of different roles? Or do you need a company that specializes in a particular field?

Top Medical Recruitment Advertising Agencies

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – a list of our top medical recruitment advertising agencies. Check out a few of our favorites:

For those that are scratching their heads, AMN is short for American Mobile Nurses. Moving on, their healthcare recruitment agency is a great resource for both passive and active job candidates. Plus, you can easily find medical professionals that will meet your needs within the United States.

Not to mention that you’ll be able to reach out to traveling nurses too. Pro tip: AMN Healthcare has up-to-date healthcare research and insights on its blog as well.

And then, there’s Maxim Healthcare Services. This is another wonderful resource for finding healthcare pros at the drop of a dime. On top of that, they provide benefits to their employees too.

As if that’s not enough, healthcare employers around the globe rely on this site to find candidates that are perfect for their medical office with filters such as:

  • Salary requirements
  • Education requirements
  • Physical requirements

Not satisfied yet? Check out the healthcare marketing team at Randstad USA. One of the coolest things about this site is that they specialize in finding job candidates in the following positions:

  • Surgical professionals
  • Nursing professionals
  • Progressive care experts
  • Telemetry professionals

Now, full disclosure, we have worked with a few of these companies directly so we are a bit biased.  The main three are Shore Creative Group, TMP and Symphony Talent.  Let me tell you, these are some talented companies, specifically on the advertising side of the recruitment business, with TMP having a global presence.  A bit about each of these three:

Shore Creative Group is a full-service marketing group and specialists in, as stated on their website, “Creating personalized experiences for job seekers, candidates, and employees – and helping them find best-fit roles where they can really thrive.”  Shore Creative has a tremendous presence in the healthcare sector with clients such as:

Symphony Talent is a strong Agency and full of talented people who work on both sides, strategic and creative, for many areas relating to recruitment marketing, employer branding, content marketing, social media management, and full custom development projects.  As they have explained, “Our solutions are highly flexible and based upon what’s right for your unique goals. We can help you with one, all, or any combination of these employer branding essentials.”  Symphony is another Agency that has a strong presence in the healthcare section, some of their clients include:

As a global leader in talent acquisition technologies, TMP Worldwide has been around for a long time in recruitment marketing & branding.  As stated on their website, “Over the past 13 years – from healthcare to government to retail to technology and everything in between – we’ve revolutionized the way companies and candidates connect.”  With TMP working in about every industry, some of their clients are:

Best Recruitment Advertising Agencies

Still  looking for the best recruitment advertising agencies? You’re not alone. From specialty groups and private practices to local hospitals and nearby clinics, it doesn’t hurt for healthcare employers to cast a wide net in their search for employees.

Not sure where to begin? To get started, be sure to look for marketers with healthcare experience. Next, consider contract marketing instead of full-time hires to save money and time in the future.

When you’re ready, don’t be afraid to ask potential medical marketing companies tough questions like, “how long does it take you to fill up certain positions?” If they’re unable to give you a straightforward answer, then you might want to move on to the next organization.

To be quite honest with you, the key to success is figuring out what your healthcare marketing firm’s job candidate reach is. That’s the only way to calculate exactly what you’ll get for your initial investment. Once you’re done with that, find out the best time to fill job positions from your marketing firm.

At this point, all you have to do is plug in things like salary requirements, education requirements, and physical requirements. After that, finding qualified dental, nursing, and pharmaceutical experts should be a piece of cake!