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Best Job Boards for Healthcare Professionals

Best Job Boards for Healthcare Professionals

Searching for a healthcare job that matches what you're looking for can often feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but it doesn't have to be.

With healthcare job boards, you can make your search a little bit easier and ten times more effective because you're no longer having to fight through all the clutter that comes associated with generic and large job boards.

Healthcare-specific and niche-oriented job boards for healthcare professionals ensure that you only focus on finding healthcare job opportunities that match what you're looking for instead of having to sift through all the irrelevant positions that frequent large job sites. The healthcare industry is currently experiencing a massive spike in demand as they cannot find qualified healthcare professionals fast enough for the new positions as they become available. This means that both job seekers and employers need to have niche-oriented platforms where they can connect with each other directly and avoid spam applications that take up countless hours when trying to sort through them.

This is where healthcare job boards come in. These niche-oriented platforms make it easy for employers to find qualified professionals in the healthcare industry, and healthcare professionals can find and apply to jobs they know are directly from healthcare organizations. To help your search, we've narrowed down a list of the best job boards for healthcare professionals that you should be using to find your next healthcare job.

21. MedJobCafe

MedJobCafe - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals - combines several of their own specialized job boards into one platform. MedJobCafe is made up of several different job boards under their umbrella and job seekers sort and find job opportunities through those individual platforms when they search for a job on MedJobCafe. MedJobCafe's position-specific job boards consist of, AlliedHealthJobCafe, DentistJobCafe, NursingJobCafe, PharmacistJobCafe, BioTechJobCafe, and DocCafe.

As an example, when someone wants to find a nursing job on MedJobCafe, they are automatically routed to the appropriate nursing jobs on NursingJobCafe. Registration is free for healthcare professionals who are looking for a position. Some of the unique features for healthcare professions that this job board offers includes digital career fairs that healthcare professionals can register for, uploading of a CV or resume to their database, and professional profiles that tell potential employers a little bit about you.

20. CareerVitals

CareerVitals - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

CareerVitals breaks down their healthcare jobs listed on their platform into a few top-level categories with dozens of sub-categories under each one based on job title. This makes it easy for healthcare job seekers to find exactly what they're looking for when they'd like to pursue job opportunities based on the category they're interested in or have previous experience in. CareerVitals also offers job seekers an option to browse for jobs based on location, where they can select a state to view all listings or narrow down by selecting certain cities.

The top-level job categories that healthcare job seekers can review include, Allied Health Jobs, Pharmacy Jobs, Dental Jobs, Nursing Jobs, Administration / Operation Jobs, Surgeon Jobs, Physician / Medical Doctor Jobs, and Biotechnology / Medical Research Jobs. When viewing the individual job listings, healthcare job seekers can narrow down and sort through their jobs easily with the tools that CareerVitals provides on their job board.

Healthcare job seekers can get noticed by using the resume and CV database that CareerVitals provides, as qualified professionals can upload their resume that can be reviewed by healthcare employers. Job seekers can also sign up for healthcare job alerts that are delivered to their email. Registration is free for job seekers but does require an extensive list of required fields to help populate a job seeker's profile.

19. Health eCareers

HealtheCareers - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

Compared to some of the other job boards we highlight on our list that offer positions for all healthcare professionals, Health eCareers is a position-specific targeted job board for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Certified Registered Nursing Assistant, Academic / Research Professionals, and Physician Assistants. Health eCareers has plenty of tools that healthcare job seekers can use to find out information on potential healthcare careers or employers through their salary calculator and find employers options.

Health eCareers has a comprehensive salary calculator that provides healthcare job seekers with important salary information based on their profession, specialty, and state. Job seekers can also receive healthcare news and advice through the Health eCareers blog. Healthcare job seekers get the added benefit of all the partners associated with Health eCareers, as they are partnered with dozens of career and healthcare associations. Registration is free for healthcare job seekers, and they can sign up for job alerts that assist them throughout their job search.

18. JAMA Career Center

JAMA Career Center - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

The JAMA Career Center is an affiliate of the Journal of the American Medical Association and provides a job resource for healthcare job seekers who are pursuing physician roles. Job seekers can narrow down their job listings by filtering based on specialties, locations, position types, employer types, and hours. This helps those physician-based healthcare job seekers evaluate physician opportunities with ease because they can narrow down their results to jobs that are actually related to their field.

Healthcare job seekers can sign up for job alerts and review an extensive career advice and resources section provided by the JAMA Career Center. These career advice and resources often answer questions that job seekers and healthcare professionals might have and help provide guidance on certain topics that some might be confused about in the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals who use the JAMA Career Center can also search for employers and learn a little bit more about them on the platform.

17. CareerPharm

CareerPharm - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

CareerPharm is the job board for Pharmacists and pharmacy residents who are looking for new job opportunities. CareerPharm is the official job board and service for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. As part of the CareerPharm job board, pharmacy healthcare professionals can review executive level job opportunities, pharmacy job opportunities, attend virtual career fairs, and utilize additional career tools that help Pharmacists find the best job opportunities.

Some of the unique career tools that CareerPharm provides for pharmacy healthcare professionals includes a CV Review, career store, and access to additional affiliate offerings. Unfortunately, applying to jobs and utilizing the resources on CareerPharm from ASHP requires an ASHP membership that does cost money. Job seekers can narrow down pharmacy listings by keywords, location, specialty, settings, and job types. The platform feels quite busy because there are so many things for job seekers to view when sorting through the job board, but after a little bit of time, it becomes easy to use and understand.

Pharmacy job candidates can also save jobs to view later, or sign up for job alerts that assist job seekers when pursuing new opportunities.

16. MedicalJobs

MedicalJobs - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals - is one of the most unique job boards we can highlight on our best job boards for healthcare professionals because they take a different approach to providing jobs and career advice resources to healthcare and medical professionals. MedicalJobs puts a priority on their advice articles and tools that help educate healthcare career professionals. Some of the topics on their site include what the future of healthcare might look like, and how professionals can improve throughout their career.

Some of the unique tools on MedicalJobs is the listing of great jobs that have minimal schooling, physically active jobs, and a medical career comparison tool. For those healthcare professionals or students who are evaluating their career options in the healthcare industry, this medical career comparison tool is great to take a look at because it helps job seekers evaluate opportunities based on job prospects, education, part-time opportunities, salary, education requirements, physical exertion, mental exertion, and emotional exertion. Their job listing component goes directly to SimplyHired, but their resources, advice, and tools that they provide for healthcare professionals make it one of the best job boards to review.

15. HealthJobsNationwide

Health Jobs Nationwide - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

HealthJobsNationwide allows healthcare job seekers to sort for healthcare jobs by keyword searches, locations, employment type, and location proximity. In addition, healthcare job seekers can narrow down jobs by occupation. There are over 80,000 healthcare jobs that job seekers can review on HealthJobsNationwide. HealthJobsNationwide is one of the cleanest designs out of all the job boards that we are reviewing on our best jobs boards for healthcare professionals.

A clean design means that healthcare job seekers can find what they're looking for quickly, and apply to the jobs that they're interested in efficiently. Healthcare job seekers can also learn about the companies that they're applying to by using the Find Companies option and reviewing the comprehensive profiles that employers can create. This allows job seekers to gain an inside look at each employer that they're evaluating. Registration is free and fast for job seekers. Healthcare professionals can also create their own online CV which is then capable of being found and reviewed by healthcare companies online.

14. HospitalJobsOnline

HospitalJobsOnline - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

HospitalJobsOnline provides healthcare jobs that are only available in hospitals. Job seekers can narrow down the list of hospital jobs by category, location, or company. The top-level category options are Administrative / Operations, Allied Health, Doctors / Physicians, Medical Imaging / Radiology, Nursing, Research / Lab, and Therapy. Under each top-level category is a listing of dozens of sub-category job titles that have job postings on the site.

HospitalJobsOnline also has an extensive resources section on its website which provides news, advice, hospital listings, staffing agencies, recruiters, associations and affiliated licensing boards.

Registration for healthcare job seekers is free and takes a short bit of time in a three-part process that also offers the opportunity for job seekers to upload their resume.

13. Medzilla

MedZilla - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

Medzilla is one of the job boards that offers jobs in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and science. When healthcare job seekers first arrive on Medzilla, they are greeted with several different things they can read or peruse in their job search. They can take a glance at some of the featured employers, review some of the featured jobs, read some of the latest articles, read and engage with other users and healthcare professionals on the forums, and search for jobs.

Compared to some of the other healthcare job boards on our list of best job boards for healthcare professionals, Medzilla only filters by location and profession when searching for jobs. Users can search for jobs in certain states or a list of popular cities. From there, a list of results displays with the option to narrow down the search more with advanced filters. The advanced filters allow job seekers to narrow their results by relevance and date.

Registration is free for healthcare job seekers, and they have the option of uploading their resume and building out their Medzilla profile. Job seekers who build out their profile on Medzilla can be searched for and contacted by recruiters and employers who are searching for specific talent.

12. MomMD

MomMD - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

MomMD is one of the largest healthcare job boards for female medical professionals, as it caters the jobs and content towards working women in the healthcare industry. Similar to Medzilla, MomMD has an extensive list of resources that they provide to healthcare professionals and users who visit their site. Some of those extensive resources include resources that are broken down into categories for Physicians, medical students, pre-meds, and Registered Nurses.

MomMD also has a separate blogging section and articles section where healthcare professionals can learn even more information about the healthcare industry, careers, and what it's like working as a woman in medicine. In addition, there is also a CME section where healthcare professionals can sort and review different continuing education credit courses that MomMD has gathered over time.

Healthcare job seekers can register for free, post their resume, find jobs, and set job alerts whenever a particular position that matches their criteria becomes available. The registration can be short or lengthy, depending on the number of optional fields that a healthcare professional completes.

A unique thing about the MomMD platform is that they allow job seekers to track their profile and resume views along with the ability to interact with employers through a private message platform.

11. PracticeLink

PracticeLink - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

PracticeLink is a job board dedicated primarily to Physicians, but does have job postings for a variety of other positions as well. This job board helps Physicians and other healthcare professionals by narrowing down the jobs by physician professions and specialty. One unique thing about PracticeLink compared to some of the other healthcare job boards we're reviewing is that you can select multiple jobs and save them.

This saves a lot of time when compared to the other job boards on our list, as most job boards require that you go into each individual job and save it from there. The jobs can also be filtered by state, J1Visas, H1B Visas, practice type, academic opportunities, and region. These filter options are unique compared to several of the other job boards on our list dedicated primarily to Physicians.

The registration process is free for Physicians who would like a PracticeLink account, and they automatically get a free subscription to the PracticeLink Magazine as well. The PracticeLink Magazine provides plenty of unique career resources in topics like financial fitness, career moves, job doctor, remarks, legal matters, reform recap, interviews, and more.

10. Health Career Center

HealthCareerCenter - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

The Health Career Center is the official job board for the American Hospital Association. The Health Career Center job board boasts an impressive three million registered members and over 330 healthcare professional associations and societies. Healthcare job seekers who use this job board can find healthcare jobs, create a profile, post their resume, create job alerts, view employers, and access additional career resources. Job seekers can narrow down the list of positions by keywords, discipline, or location.

9. BioSpace

BioSpace - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

Biospace is a healthcare job board dedicated to providing job listings for Biotech, Clinical Research, and Pharmaceutical jobs. A unique thing about the BioSpace job board is that they provide some unique career resources to healthcare job seekers. As an example, they have a feature called "Hotbeds", where they highlight where some of the most attractive and compelling regions are for healthcare professionals who desire to know where job security is strongest and qualified professionals might be able to find the best job opportunities.

In addition, BioSpace provides healthcare professionals with an extensive news section where they talk about all the modern advancements and changes that might affect healthcare professionals working in the biotech sector.

BioSpace also offers an extensive career advice section, which acts as a valuable resource for those healthcare professionals who would like to learn more about interviewing strategies, job search techniques, resume tips, and cover letter tricks.

Registration is free in addition to being incredibly quick and easy for healthcare professionals.

8. HospitalRecruiting

HospitalRecruiting - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals - is a job board dedicated to providing healthcare job postings in hospitals for Advanced Practitioners, Physicians, Nurses, Non-Clinical Healthcare, and Allied Health. To make things easy for job seekers who are pursuing a job opportunity on their site, job seekers can click for certain job opportunities based on the top-level categories we mentioned above, or narrow their search further by selecting individual job titles. Job seekers can also narrow down their jobs by the location of the job posting.

Healthcare professionals who use HospitalRecruiting to view and apply to jobs can also do so through a one-click apply process. From there, job seekers can also track and save their jobs, or receive matching job alerts when their criteria is met.

HospitalRecruiting has an extensive career resources blog where healthcare professionals can view topics related to the job search process, the application process, career advice, positions, and more. Healthcare professionals can choose to register for free as a confidential user or a visible user. Those healthcare job seekers who choose to make their profile visible will mean that employers who decide to post their jobs on will have an opportunity to view their profile. Those users who decide to set their profile to Confidential will only have their profile viewable after they have applied to an employer-posted job.

7. Hospital Jobs Inc

Hospital Jobs Inc - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

Hospital Jobs Inc is focused on providing healthcare professionals with local healthcare and hospital jobs near them. This means that nearly every single one of their positions is filtered from the start with a location-based setting. Job seekers can search for positions based on keywords and locations, and then have a list of all healthcare and hospital jobs listed based on proximity and date.

Hospital Jobs Inc also provides a list of healthcare career information and salary guides that job seekers can use to learn more about individual career opportunities. These career profiles help job seekers learn a little bit more about how much an individual position makes by state, provides a comparison table, and their responsibilities in that role.

Another unique thing about Hospital Jobs Inc is that they provide a list of all the hospitals in each state where users can click on an individual state and learn more about the organizatoni, location, and the number of beds the hospital or facility has.

6. MEDcepts

MEDCepts - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

MEDCepts is another fantastic job board for those healthcare professionals who are pursuing sales representative positions, contractors, medical product representatives, or independent representative positions. MEDcepts focus on providing the largest medical sales and marketing network for healthcare sales positions. Job seekers can narrow down their search by looking for independent representative positions, 1099 jobs, or consultant jobs.

MEDcepts also has an extensive career resources section where they help provide guidance to sales and consultant professionals in the healthcare industry. In addition, MEDcepts has a blog where they provide tips and advice on how to sell on various platforms, reach out to new leads, connect with potential medical sales opportunities, and more. Healthcare job seekers can register and sign up for free.

5. MedReps

MedReps - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

Some positions are harder to find qualified talent for, because there aren't many healthcare professionals who are seeking these types of positions. One of those positions is Medical Sales or Medical Representative positions. These positions are in high demand across the healthcare industry, but they're not the first thing that people think of when they begin looking for healthcare job opportunities. The most common ones are nursing or physician related opportunities, as an example. MedReps seeks to solve that problem and provide a tailored job board for those healthcare professionals who are looking for medical sales opportunities.

Healthcare professionals who use MedReps can search for sales positions based on location, categories, functions, call points, and experience level. Healthcare professionals do need to pay a membership fee for joining the site. Upon joining members can also purchase and they gain access to other services that MedRep provides like resume and cover letter services, interview coaching, or mobile sales training.

MedRep also provides career advice and a salary calculator based on product categories, functions, territory, and industry experience.

4. Medical.Careers.Global

MedicalCareersGlobal - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

For those healthcare professionals who are looking to pursue healthcare job opportunities across the globe, Medical.Careers.Global is the job board you should review. This job board helps healthcare professionals by providing them with a way to filter jobs based on country of origin or keyword. Registration is free for those job seekers who'd like to view global healthcare opportunities.

3. Jobs In Healthcare

Jobs In Healthcare - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals - takes a different approach to the standard job board, as they focus on the individual career stories that their users have mentioned. One of the first things that a job seeker views when they load up Jobs In Healthcare, is the "Is healthcare right for you" section, where healthcare professionals tell their career story. This impactful section helps draw job seekers in and encourage them to pursue a career in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare job seekers can then find jobs based on title, keywords, company, or location. Job seekers can sign up for job alerts, or continue their search by browsing by top companies or top searches that users conduct. Users can upload a resume which will go into a resume database that employers can view when they're looking for specific candidates.

2. - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

For those nurses who are looking for new opportunities, is one of the best healthcare job boards for you to take a look at. is exclusively dedicated to nursing professionals. Healthcare job seekers who work as a nurse can narrow down their nursing jobs list by specialty, location, title, and location.

One great thing about is that they also provide an extensive digital resource guide, which helps provide relevant content and continuing education to those healthcare professionals who want to learn more. Healthcare professionals can also review an extensive list of educational courses that are offered through the OnCourse Learning, and keep track of it through their platform. The continuing education portion of is arguably the largest chunk, and their focus is on providing nursing professionals with all the continuing education content that they need to succeed in their career.

Registration is free and easy for those nursing professionals who'd like to sign up and begin searching for jobs or taking CE courses.

1. HospitalCareers

HospitalCareers - Best Job Boards For Healthcare Professionals -

HospitalCareers is the leading recruitment platform for healthcare job seekers and employers in the healthcare industry. Healthcare job seekers can find over 17,000 healthcare jobs and hospital job opportunities at any given time, as we partner with over 20 state hospital associations across the country. Over 5,000 employers and 290,000 healthcare professionals and clinicians elect to use HospitalCareers as the go-to platform for finding hospital jobs.

Job seekers can apply to fifteen top-level job categories, and then narrow down their list by over a hundred sub-categories. From there, job seekers can narrow down their search even further by reviewing hundreds of potential job titles. In addition, job seekers can narrow and refine their results by state, city, employer, employment type, and date listed. Job seekers can directly apply to the healthcare facilities, organizations, and employers with the direct employer job postings on the site, which cuts down on some of the confusion of other job boards which route users to several different locations and their applications get lost in the process.

HospitalCareers allows users to create dynamic profiles where they can set up job alerts, save job postings, and email or share positions with friends. HospitalCareers also has a unique feature where job seekers can click to view related openings and learn more about the employer with comprehensive employer profiles that offer a little bit more info about the organization and what they have to offer.

HospitalCareers also provides extensive career advice and resources. HospitalCareers sends out a weekly newsletter to subscribed healthcare professionals and the blog has hundreds of articles for career advice, how-to's, job search advice, resume and cover letter tips, and more. In addition, HospitalCareers provides extensive career insights with over 100 career profiles, career trends, job salary trends, best hospitals to work for, career guides, and career paths.
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