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Welcome to the New!

Welcome to the New!

Over the past year, we at have been working hard to develop useful resources for those seeking to become a healthcare professional, and the release date has finally come!

New Resources for Job Seekers

Finding any job can be hard, but finding the job you want can sometimes feel impossible. In an effort make your search a little less stressful, we've implemented several resources designed to improve the results of job searches and career planning.

Career Profiles

We've taken the top 115 careers in the healthcare industry and created comprehensive profiles including their responsibilities, salary information, skills necessary, working conditions, educational requirements, and steps to become a professional in that field.

If you're ready to apply, most profiles also include a tab with the current openings from hospitals nationwide, for that particular job.


Maybe you're wanting to find a career with only a few years of educational requirements and go straight into the work, or maybe you want to go ambitious route of becoming a physician. Either way, you can use the sliders and search on the left side to filter career results to quickly find the jobs you're interested in.

Job & Salary Trends

We've implemented job and salary trends for the primary careers in the healthcare industry. Just use the dropdown to choose the careers you're considering pursuing and you can see salary by percentile and projected growth rate by year for that position.

Mousing over the columns in the lower graph will show you the number of positions we project will be available for that year. All projections are based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics information.


Career Guides

We've created career guides including resume, cover letter, networking, and interviewing guides in order to help job seekers land the interviews for the positions they want and follow through all the way to accepting the offer.


Jobs by Category & Location was missing job categorization but no longer! Job seekers can now browse hospital jobs by category and location in order to more easily find the positions they want to apply to. Note that some categories are further sub-categorized for precision.



This is just the beginning of the changes happening at HospitalCareers. Over the next several months, we plan to further develop these features to help everyone from high school graduates to senior physicians go as far as they want to in the healthcare industry. Check back regularly, or sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about our upcoming changes, and enjoy!

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