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Top 5 Places to Live for Physical Therapists

Top 5 Places to Live for Physical Therapists

With an aging Baby Boomers population, physical therapist jobs are expected to grow 34% over the next seven years. The average salary for a physical therapist is $82,000 with the 75th percentile making over $96,000. This proves to be a field with great pay and job growth.

Figuring out where you want to live is never an easy task. Physical therapists are needed all over the country so narrowing down the best places is a must. Luckily we have done that for you.

To create this list we looked at multiple factors. To name a few we examined average salary, employment rates, education, state rankings, and nightlife. After choosing which states did the best overall in each category as a whole, we made this list.

It is important to remember that no list found anywhere is a definitive answer. It all comes down to what you are looking for personally. This list doesn't favor any category over another, but instead determines which factors as a whole would make the state a desired destination for physical therapists.

Every one of these locations will offer you something different. All of them are great options for this particular field of study. We now bring you our top 5 places to live for physical therapists.


Top 5 Places To Live For Physical Therapists




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The number one place to reside in our top 5 places to live for physical therapists is the Lone-Star State of Texas. For starters, Texas has the 3rd highest employment level in the country for physical therapists. It also boasts two of the top 10 metropolitan areas with the highest level of employment and four of the top 10 for salary.

The average salary for a PT in Texas sits at $95,000 a year, making it the 3rd highest paying state for the occupation. If you're looking for high pay with a low cost of living then this should be your destination.

Texas is also somewhere you may want to practice physical therapy if you look forward to your time away from work. U.S. News has Texas occupying two of the top 10 cities for nightlife.




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Number two on our list goes to Massachusetts. Not only does Massachusetts occupy the top spot for employment per thousand jobs in the country, but it also ranks in the top half for salary with an average of $86,000.

Massachusetts has also been named the best state to live in by U.S. News thanks to their number one ranking in education (most college graduates in any state) and top two in healthcare. This is the only location in our list to rank in the top 10 states for work-life balance coming in at number three.

If you're looking to practice physical therapy in a state with a high salary, great education, and work-life balance then Massachusetts may be the location you're looking for.




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Rounding out the top three on our list of places to live for physical therapists is California. California has the highest number of employment for physical therapists in the U.S. It is also the third highest paying state with an average salary of $95,000.

The Golden State is ranked in the top 25 best states to live in including top three in economy. Also, two of the top 10 metropolitan paying areas are in California (Merced and Napa).

If you're looking for an exciting time when away from work, California has two spots in the top 10 cities for best nightlife. 




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Sitting at our 4th spot is Connecticut. With the 5th highest employment per thousand jobs it is clear why the Constitution State makes our list.

Only eight states have an average salary of over $90,000 and this is one of them with an average of $91,000. Although the pay looks good, this isn't the only reason Connecticut makes the top five.

Ranking as the 12th best state in the country is one reason Connecticut may attract you, or it could be the top three ranking for most educated. Here you will meet plenty of individuals who have shared the college experience.

Connecticut may attract many physical therapists with its high employment in the field, great salary, and well above-average education sector.




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Finishing out the list of our top 5 places to live for physical therapists is Nevada. Known for its notorious Las Vegas hotels and casinos, It's no surprise that Nevada is the top paying state for physical therapists with an average salary of a whopping $120,000.

With 281 currently listed jobs the possibilities of landing a position here are high. Also with the state ranking next to last in college graduates with even a Bachelor's Degree, there might not be as much competition in the field.

With a high paying salary, great employment opportunities, and a perfect getaway in Las Vegas, Nevada is another likely destination for a physical therapist.