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Time Management for Healthcare Moms

Time Management for Healthcare Moms
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Almost all the moms working in healthcare suffer from time management issues, unable to get enough sleep, constantly feel on edge and anxious, and life isn't falling apart for them.  There are many resources, and things moms can work on internally, to help get through these tougher times and even in a relaxed state of mind. 

Have you ever thought why you are so stressed out?  If you go back and look at your life, haven't things mostly always worked out?  It is not easy, as there are lots of moms in your situation, but doing things more efficiently and trying to change your mindset often help.

We understand the emotional turmoil and burnout and how this makes you feel, but there are ways of coping that make those feelings turn into a smile.  Do you think your kids deserve a frustrated mommy? No, they don't. According to NCBI, anxiety and stress in mothers can lead to emotional disorders, hyperactivity, lack of concentration and mental disorders.

So, stop thinking about the past and engage yourself in just house chores. Take some time out for yourself and your kids. All the moms deserve this. We know you have a lot to do and a lot to achieve being a mother in healthcare but do it little by little. Don't overburden yourself. Managing all these things might be tough at the moment, but gradual progress is the key. It will be all worth it in the end. And we promise that!

This is the time when you need to look after your heart beating outside of your body, don't neglect it. If things are getting overwhelming for you, here are some time management tips for mothers working in healthcare. All of these tips are shared from some of the 16.4 million women and single mommies from the healthcare field, and we can vouch for every word said in this article. 

1.  It's Alright to Take Breaks

Every mom out there reading this article need to understand that, it's okay to take breaks!  It is also okay to take frequent breaks, or whenever you might feel the need to.

We have seen mothers, especially single mothers in healthcare, working day and night to overcome their mom's guilt. This is the reason that 9.8 million working mothers in the US are suffering from burnout. And it is not the solution. We have seen a lot of moms who are always testing their limits. Don't you know what superpower you are?

Someone very amazing once said, "Where there is her, there is magic." So why do you humans always diminish this magic? We know no magic genie would come to cook for your kids, but it is absolutely okay if you don't feel like cooking someday!

No problem if you have promised to make burritos for your kids! It won't make a difference if you offer them a quick chicken and cheese sandwich. Well, they might get pissed off for some time, but that's fine. You deserve days off when anxiety hits you hard.

Remember to teach your kids the power of taking breaks. Allow them and yourself to take some time off and just rest. You might not realize it today, but tomorrow you will see how positive the impact will be! Never ever prioritize anything over your mental health, even if it demands you to close your kitchen for a few days. 

2.  Perfectionism Isn't a Helpful Habit

Overthinking, anxiety and workload are often the prime reasons why mothers from the healthcare field have a hard time managing their time. According to a study, most of such cases are with mums who are perfectionists and always anxious about their work and children. If you also have single mum anxiety and you are a perfectionist, please know that we are proud of you and we love you, but please lower your pace.

Victoria Gates, a single mom and Health Specialist states, "I know how much a mom loves doing for her children but remember you are an individual too, and it is absolutely okay to make mistakes. Everything perfect is not always perfect. What is perfect for you might not be even just okay for someone else, so don't try to exceed your limits."

Research says that perfectionists have their minds always working. We witnessed a mom suffering from the same situation. She was not just single mom but a workaholic and a perfectionist. She ended up with a hypertension relief medicine and some anti-anxiety drugs.

Therefore, it is recommended to slow down. It is lovely how you love everything perfect, but please do not lose your sanity for this. Nothing in this world is worth losing your peace of mind for. 

3.  Plan Your Days In Advance


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Here is a very practical tip for you. If you are someone who loves making study timetables and to-do lists, go with the same for your house chores as well. Try planning your days in advance and see how it benefits you.

According to ResearchGate, most moms feel that there simply isn't enough hours in the day. To overcome these issues, you need to carry out a plan. The early days with this change will be tough being a single mom working in healthcare.

This pre-planning brings ease to your workload, and you can productively manage your time ahead. Check what errands you have to run tomorrow and see if they can be done today. Likewise, plan for your housework, cooking, and taking your kids to play dates. When the plan is right in your hands, you will save plenty of time that can be spent resting and enjoying a movie date with your friends 

4.  Try Reducing Your Workload

Technology, especially mobile phones, has bought a massive box of solutions for us. We know single mommies have to be a mom and a dad at the same time and therefore also get caught by time management anxiety and depression issues. But have you ever paid heed to the number of options you can use to make your work easy? Let's talk about one of them.

Do you see the home delivery apps from where you can legit shop anything and everything? They are best to save some time and use it for other work. There are so many brands in different categories that can deliver everything to your doorstep.

There is no need to go out for groceries and take help from delivery boys. The same can be done if you want to get your brows done and relax. Call a salon girl and gift yourself a spa date taking a leave from your healthcare job. There are numerous options available to reduce your workload today. If they are taking you some extra bucks, go for it. Your money is not as important as your health. 

5.  Accept Help or Pay For It (Look Overseas!)

If you belong from a good socioeconomic background and you can afford house help, please go ahead. Being a single mamma is an easy job. This is the best you could do for yourself. If it financially works within your budget, hiring an Au Pair can change your instantly. However, make sure you don't leave your children completely on them. In countries like states, it is difficult to find domestic help, but if you can get your hands on one, your life will become easier being a single mother from the healthcare field.

There are companies for who you can pay to hire one and allow them to stay at your home. This is the best option as later, this help becomes a member of your family, and you finally have someone who you can share all your hard and good times with other than your kids. These ladies help you with cooking, dishwashing, laundry, cleaning, and in short, all house chores. This not only makes life easier but also helps in managing time effectively. 

6.  Saying No Means Yes to Your Well Being

No matter if you have your husband by your side or not, always, always set some boundaries. Your children should know their mum is a human too who has responsibilities towards her healthcare job, and she has some limits. It feels bad for women who serve all the life for their kids and still are left abandoned. Therefore, it is important for a women to make a habit of their kids listening to the word 'no'.

The study conducted by Assignment Assistance UK emphasized saying no. They stated in their paper, "Whenever you are feeling stressed, it's okay to say no when your kid is asking you to take him to the park. Similarly, it is also okay to say no if you don't feel like cooking someday. Remember, there are always ways to come out of a situation and being a single mother working in healthcare is not an excuse to stay that way. Explore your emotions, acknowledge them and learn to get away. Sometimes holding on to a few things is much harder than letting them go away." 

7.  Get the Kids More Involved


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Mothers and kids that work together, grow together! Kids helping their mothers with house chores is one of the best sights. This not only helps the mum manage her time for the healthcare job but also teaches some basic life skills to children at the same time. We recommend teaching your children from an initial level how playing their part in house chores is essential. Don't just let them create a mess and ruin your day because they are kids.

Such kids later grow up spoiled and make the lives of their mum a living hell. If your kid wants to help you, let them, even if it means doubling your work. It will take them some time to learn things, but eventually, the results will be worth the wait. How better it would be going on a mini vacation and enjoy your life while you know your kids can look after themselves and the home? So, start preparing them from today. For them and for yourself!

8. Remain Positive During Financial Struggles

Managing finances being a single mother working in the healthcare field is extremely tough, and our respect goes to every woman dealing with financial problems. However, how does your monetary cycle work? Chances are your children are getting education support, but what about other expenses? If you are unable to join a workplace because of your kids, check out some remote work opportunities or a part-time job, maybe?

There are a number of platforms where you can sign-up and get a remote job related to your field. Start with freelance content writing or graphic designing if you have this talent. Otherwise, check out what other options you have because stressing only won't work. You need to pick up your crown and walk towards all the accomplishments. 

9.  Don't Overlook Your Mental Health 

No time is wasted when spent on the sanity of your mental health and who else can understand the importance of mental health than a mother working in healthcare? You know that proper time management can reduce work-related anxiety. Wake up every day, meditate, enjoy your breakfast, send kids to school and enjoy being home alone. You can also spend some time walking near the beach, swimming, planting, or just driving and sightseeing. Do whatever makes you feel good. After all the hustle, you deserve it. 

10. Strive for Optimism and Optimistic People

Staying positive is the key to miracles. With patience, you can get out of everything. Then why are you stressed about your single mum's anxiety? There will come a day when you and your kids will see how far you've come together. Just a bit more hope and affirmation, and you'll soon find your way. You'll soon be proud of yourself for being a working mother in healthcare who not only cares for the patients but has raised her kids well.

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