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12 Most Diverse Hospitals to Work For

12 Most Diverse Hospitals to Work For
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One of the most important aspects of care in a hospital or health system lies in knowing the most diverse hospitals across the country. To be able to identify the top health systems and hospitals for diversity, we have researched which have received diversity awards in the last few years, and we've looked into a few of the key areas of diversity management to see who the top of the crop is.

The diversity management areas that matter the most include the talent pipeline for the health system; understanding the way that the workforce has broken down, the recruitment and diameter of the current talent. It also includes the way the hospital develops that talent, leadership accountability and who is responsible for mentoring and philanthropy. We have also looked at supplier diversity as well.  

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Here is a glimpse at what is to come with a list of the 12 Most Diverse Hospitals to Work For in no particular order. 


Vanderbilt University Medical Center


The 2018 Top Hospital for Diversity had cited Vanderbilt University Medical Center as one of the top hospitals for diversity. VUMC prides itself on delivering high quality care at all levels, promoting equity and inclusion through services, staffing, suppliers, and operations. There are programs dedicated to training in diversity, and with a 30 million plus audience, there is a huge amount of importance on the cultural competency for the healthcare delivery system.

VUMC is one hospital that is working hard to ensure that everyone is being treated fairly - both patients and staff alike. With inclusive and diverse clinical and administrative staff, the hospital is proven to be competent in its offering of culturally understanding staff across the board. Being placed on the list has shown the medical community that they place importance on diversity and inclusion across the board. VUMC recognizes the world is becoming more diverse and is following suit through every avenue in the hospital.  


Mount Sinai Health System


Mount Sinai Hospital


One of the most popular and well-known health systems in the world is the Mount Sinai system in New York City. With an integrated healthcare system offering care of the highest quality to the local community, Mount Sinai is renowned for its diversity programs across eight hospital campuses. The policies for diversity are worked across the Icahn School of Medicine as well as the eight other hospital campuses. Mount Sinai diversity is recognized worldwide for its patient care, research, and education, and is one the largest healthcare systems in NYC, representation for diverse communities is a top priority. The Office for Diversity and Inclusion at Mount Sinai offers amazing educational opportunities for the faculty staff at MSHS, and the diversity programs for the hospitals affect the leadership, clinical staff, and administrative staff. Training and education are important at Mount Sinai for diversity and going from strength to strength in their inclusivity.


Henry Ford Health System


The Henry Ford Health System has always held diversity as the foundation in which it continues to build itself. HFHS reflects that drive toward diversity across the board within its treatment of patients, their families, their staffing, and the partners who work with them. There are many different diverse communities being served by the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. The unique programs that are advertised include everything from the delivery of culturally appropriate care to creating an inclusive environment for everyone who comes through the doors. Henry Ford Health System has a system-wide healthcare equity campaign, and it is this that got the health system recognized. This campaign aims to raise more awareness and improve the cross-cultural communication across the health system. They then work hard to integrate these changes into system policies. With the Multicultural Dermatology Clinic that specializes purely in hair, skin, and tissue treatment from patients from diverse backgrounds, Henry Ford Health System is going from strength to strength.


Methodist Health System


One of the health systems that has been gaining national attention for respect to diversity and embracing the diversity across the country is Methodist Health System in Dallas. Methodist Health System was named in the Top 3 Healthcare Diversity Organizations in the nation and the award is well-deserved. The hospital environment is as inclusive as possible and the training and education for the workforce has been improved massively over the last few years. The achievements have been so big that they have been recognized at a national level, and Methodist Health System was chosen because of its Intentional Inclusion and Diversity Council. The campus collaboratives are focused on diversity initiatives, and these include initiatives about unconscious bias training and cultural competency. Methodist Health System offers the absolute best in integrated healthcare to do as much as possible to improve the lives of the local community. There are ten hospitals within the Methodist Health System brand and each of these offer diversity programs that put the patient and the workforce first.


Northwell Health


Long Island Jewish Medical Center


Northwell Health offers an environment of inclusivity and diversity across the board, celebrating people from all backgrounds and cultures. The future of healthcare is changing, and Northwell Health is doing everything possible to collaborate and achieve the goals in diversity. Northwell was named number 1 for healthcare in 2020 for the fourth year running and given that the list chooses hospitals that measure how well companies create better, more inclusive cultures for women and those of different backgrounds, a very positive award. Northwell Health is the largest health system in New York State, and with 70,000 employees, around 750 facilities for outpatients and more than 23 hospitals, this is a health system that has moved up 11 places since the Fortune ranking in 2018. 82% of employees called Northwell one of the best places to work. Staff members are those who are hired based on their ability to stand together and support equality from leadership down the ranks. With an industry-led approach to diversity, Northwell must be at the top of the list for diversity!


Moffitt Cancer Center


A leading cancer hospital in Florida, Moffitt Cancer Center looks to be the safest and best place for cancer care. It is therefore unsurprising that it made the top 12 for most diverse hospitals as it is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida, and MCC employs the best minds from around the world. It has been a nationally ranked hospital since 1999, and the disparities in healthcare are being shut down one by one within the Moffitt Cancer Center's walls. MCC is at the very front of the diversity programs out there, looking to benefit its communities, suppliers, businesses, and people that are served. Employees are put through rigorous training programs to close the diversity gap and treat human beings as human beings, regardless of background. There is still data showing that inclusive programs for the underrepresented are a must, and Moffitt is all about inclusion. The figures show that the U.S death rates from cancers are higher among people of color than Caucasian individuals, and Moffitt is working hard to be part of the solution. Inclusion is key at Moffitt, and what makes them a unique cancer center.


Cleveland Clinic


When it comes to valuing culture, Cleveland Clinic is ahead. At Cleveland Clinic, inclusivity is a priority for clinical staff, leadership teams and administrative and housekeeping groups. Diversity has been addressed through cultural competency training for all employees set forth by Cleveland Clinic, which enables all the workforce to serve patients better and improve communication for employees across the board. The Diversity councils and Employee Resource Groups are working to consistently raise awareness and support for employees and patients, and there are opportunities for growth available. In 2020, Cleveland Clinic and the State University received $1.2 million as an award from the NIH to recruit underrepresented minority Ph. D students. This level of inclusivity is just one of the many things that Cleveland Clinic is popular for, and it will allow the current minority scientists in Cleveland to grow. Alongside all of this, Cleveland Clinic has been supportive of a diverse business community to enhance the economy locally.


Bon Secours Health System


Bon Secours


In 2018, Bon Secours Health System was recognized as a leading health and wellness center for diversity. Distinguished for delivering a high quality of care, Bon Secours Health System promotes equality and inclusion across the board for programs, staffing and services. Bon Secours Health System recognizes that their success will be built upon positive diversity and inclusion and the health system is one that is committed to the American Hospital Association's Equity of Care Pledge. People of color are represented from leadership to administration and with comprehensive training, medical staff here are competent and professional. With a huge investment in community health programs, Bon Secours has made the list of the top hospitals for diversity.


Massachusetts General Hospital


In 2018, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston received the Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award. This is one of only 35 schools to receive this award in the country, making it one of the most prestigious awards out there. MGH has been recognized for its outstanding commitment to diversity, and it is received this award two years in a row. There is a Nursing and Patient Care Services Diversity Program that is dedicated purely to developing the correct strategies to support diversification in the workplace. MGH is all about creating a culture that values all humans, regardless of background, color, creed, or religion. They are working to change the attitudes that interfere with the spirit of the team, and it's working!






TriHealth is committed to diversity and what it means for the economic benefits of the local community. Supplier relationships have diversified and increased, and this has resulted in more minority partners being considered in a decade. The mission of the leadership team in TriHealth, Cincinnati is to serve the larger community. To be able to do this well, they have tirelessly worked to mirror the diversity in the Cincinnati area and reflect their service into the community that way. This all has led to better healthcare on offer and accelerating their goals and vision to create a healthcare system deliberate in the promotion of diversity.


Indiana University Health


The diversity programs at Indiana University Health, Indianapolis have led to IU Health being put in the list of the top 12 hospitals for diversity. Many of the current leaps and bounds in medicine are being developed at the research laboratories in the IU School of Medicine, and these are then incorporated in the patient care at the Indiana University Hospital. Culture is important to IU Health, and equality is top of the priority list from clinical staff to housekeeping. Patient-centered in their care, Indiana University Health is committed to advancing a culture whereby all can come together without discrimination or bias. The organization itself is being continually developed to be inclusive and diverse, and they are committed to building open communicative partnerships with suppliers. This is to reduce the disparities in healthcare, and they offer a continued commitment to inclusion.


Mayo Clinic, Rochester


For over a decade, Mayo Clinic has been recognized for the efforts it makes in creating the perfect environment for a caring service. Whether it be for patients or for the workforce, differences in individuals are valued and this has allowed people to achieve their full potential. Mayo Clinic has earned recognition as a DiversityInc Top Hospital for diversity, and this has been designated every year since 2011. Mayo came up top in their talent pipeline, talent development, leadership commitments and diversity in talent. They have been able to create a welcome and inclusive environment for everyone who works there, and all patients treated in the Clinic. Their mission for diversity is integral to their working environment, and the commitment is woven into the very foundations of Mayo Clinic. Individuals are supported and recognized as supporters to the diversity programs on offer, including suppliers.