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14 Essential Healthcare Blogs You Should Be Following

14 Essential Healthcare Blogs You Should Be Following

Finding the right healthcare blogs on the web can be tricky with the mass amount of sites in Google's pool to choose from, so we did the work for you and came up with 15 that should absolutely have your attention.

It doesn't matter if you're just searching or a new publication for your general healthcare news and updates, or if you're  a technology guru in HIT who's wants to keep up with the developments, or if you're in a leadership position and seeking advice about the decisions you have to make on a daily basis, we've got them all.

Below is a compiled list, in alphabetical order, of the best healthcare blogs that the internet has to offer in a variety of scopes. Some focus solely on healthcare management, some on practicing physicians and other clinical professionals, and others are written solely for those working in specific types of facilities, such as hospitals, or clinics, or small offices. Regardless, we're confident that you will be able to find at least one, likely a few, that interest you on this list.

15 Healthcare Blogs You Should Be Following:

Becker's Hospital Review

Becker's Hospital Review - Healthcare Blogs

    Becker's Hospital Review has been a pillar in the online healthcare community for a while now focusing primarily on the business and legal aspects of hospitals and healthcare networks. For this reason, BHR is tailors its content specifically to those who find themselves in hospital and health system administrative leadership positions.

Those looking to get more involved in the medical field, such as medical students or job seekers, will also find many of the articles covering current and future employment projections to be useful. In addition to BHR, their affiliated publications include Becker's ASC Review, Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality, Becker's Spine Review, and Becker's Dental Review.

Fierce Healthcare

Fierce Healthcare - Healthcare Blogs

    Fierce Healthcare is a high-quality, general medical blog that focuses on the broader aspects of the industry, including healthcare reform, health IT, specific companies and employers, finance, patient engagement, public health, regulatory affairs, and many other topics relevant to healthcare professionals today. FH also offers its audience other free resources like webinars and eBooks to help ensure that those on the front lines of medicine are kept well-educated about the issues today.

Forbes Pharma & Healthcare

Forbes - Healthcare Blogs

As with any other element under the Forbes umbrella, the Pharma & Healthcare branch of the site focuses on the business and economic aspects of running a healthcare facility or system in the 21st Century.

However, if you're not keen on business, but are still looking to learn more about the industry and its intersections with other fields, such as politics, social issues, and technological breakthroughs, don't overlook this branch of Forbes.

Health Affairs Blog

Health Affairs Blog - Healthcare Blogs

Are you a healthcare professional by day and political type by night? Health Affairs Blog may be the right publication for keeping you informed on policy developments and how the decisions lawmakers make will affect your work in the future.

The blog is known for featuring commentary and posts from "noted health policy experts" from a wide array of vantage points. It is even known well enough to be directly cited in congressional testimony and Congressional members themselves.

The Health Care Blog

The Health Care Blog - Healthcare Blogs

As you may be able to tell from the name, The Health Care Blog is a general publication that touches on all past, current, and future aspects of the industry, including the Affordable Care Act, practice management, preventive medicine, specialty practice, geriatrics, residency program, quality and costs, medical school, research, the CDC, and many, many others. THCB is a great site if you're looking for a one-stop, less-specialized publication to cover your wide array of interests in the field.

Hospitals & Health Networks

Hospitals & Health Networks - Healthcare Blogs

Another great blog for healthcare professionals, Hospitals & Health Networks focuses on the business-to-business aspects of healthcare systems, tailoring their content for current and future leaders.

H&HN works to identify trends in the industry and offer tangible, strategic, real-world solutions to healthcare leaders across the country. Their ultimate goal is to help leadership meet the "Triple Aim: better health, better health care, [and] more efficient costs."

Hospital News - Healthcare Blogs

A Canadian publication established in 1987, Hospital News works to keep administrators, patients, and healthcare professionals well informed on issues currently facing the field, as well as technological and medical advancements, and any ongoing, noteworthy events at the time. If you're looking for employment outside of the United States or just want to keep up with general hospital trends, Hospital News has you covered!

iMedical Apps - Healthcare Careers

Are you someone who's glued to their smartphone, even while you're at work? iMedicalApps can help you discover apps that could make the lives of you or your patients easier in the long run, and make it a little more excusable to your boss that you're on your phone. This blog tailors its content to medical professionals, students, patients, and analysts who can best make use of the increasingly-helpful mobile apps in the field.

MedGadget - Healthcare Blogs

Are you tech-savvy healthcare professional? MedGadget may be the perfect blog for you as, since 2004, they have "been reporting on medical technology from around the world." The blog works to cover advancement in widely-known medical technologies, burgeoning innovations, the latest medical devices, and both major and minor discoveries and/or breakthroughs in the field.

    MedGadget also prides itself on conducting and reporting interviews with leaders in the medical technology field as well as reporting on major healthcare conferences. If you're part of a healthcare technology team, or want to be, MedGadget should be on your list of publications.

Medical Economics

Medical Economics - Healthcare Blogs

As you can probably guess, Medical Economics is a blog focused on the business and economic side of running a healthcare facility, and while that may be its focus, it is not its only topic. The site also touches on many other subjects affecting healthcare professionals on all levels of employment, including technological advancements and public policy.

    Medical Economics is part of the ModernMedicine Network, which includes other publications like Contemporary OBGYN, Contemporary Pediatrics, Drug Topics, Ophthalmology Times, Practical Cardiology, and several others.

MobiHealthNews - Healthcare Blogs

Are you into big data? The healthcare industry, as well as a plethora of others, utilize data scientists to make smart choices and gain valuable insights into their practices, businesses, and overall goals. MobiHealthNews prides itself on being the "publication of record" for providing analyses, news, and data to healthcare providers, payers and companies in the pharmaceutical, finance, and technology industries.

If you have any doubts about MobiHealthNews, know that they've been featured in other renowned publications like TechCrunch, FastCompany, CNET, BusinessWeek, Popular Science, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and many others.

Physicians Practice - Healthcare Blogs

    Physicians Practice is a general healthcare blog that works to touch on a wide variety of issues facing professionals in the field, including healthcare IT, legal and malpractice, medical billing and collections, marketing, employment, finance, outsourcing and physician compensation.

This site is part of the UBM network which encompasses other sites like Cancer NetworkConsultantLiveMedica Forums Neurology TimesOBGYN.netPsychiatric Times, and several others.

Public Health Matters

CDC - Best Healthcare Blogs

Founded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Public Health Matters Blog aims to shed light on the challenges we're faced with regarding public health in the 21st Century. In the past, polio, smallpox, typhoid fever, whooping cough, tuberculosis, and other diseases drew the attention of public health professionals. Largely due to vaccinations, those days are long gone.

Today, the challenges facing public health are even more grandiose as professionals work diligently to manage outbreaks of infectious diseases such as H1N1 and Salmonella. Even further, public health has evolved and focuses not only on outbreaks, but the field is also responsible for responding to major events like natural disasters and even terror attacks.

U.S. News - Healthcare of Tomorrow

US News Healthcare - Hospital Blogs

With changes in the healthcare industry occurring more rapidly by the year, U.S. News & World Report created their Healthcare of Tomorrow blog in order to help you keep pace. Healthcare faces many challenges, but in and outside of the clinic, and this blog seeks to examine those issues and their potential solutions.If you only check out one of the blogs on this page, make it this one.

U.S. News is renowned and considered an authority figure in a myriad of areas, including education, health, finance, travel, and politics.

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