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Hospitals With the Happiest Work Cultures

Hospitals With the Happiest Work Cultures
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The culture of the workplace is one of the biggest factors when people choose the environment in which they work. Hospitals are not always places of hope and joy; the healthcare system is under massive pressure as it is and so, it becomes harder for nurses, doctors and hospital administration to find a happy and comfortable place to fit in. While individual hospitals cannot do much to change healthcare legislation, they can work on ensuring that a hospital work culture is a happy, healthy and encouraging one to all of the staff who come aboard.

The hiring process has to set out the workplace expectations and culture, and when you are hiring for a role, applicants need to feel as if they've walked into the correct environment from day one. The hospitals that we've featured on this list are those which offer the very best benefits and opportunities to their employees across the hospital. The aim of these hospitals is to be as supportive to their staff as possible, help them to build their careers and be more than the average healthcare provider. They understand that hospitals are tough places to work, the roles are grueling and that staff deserve the very best to grab that work/life balance with both hands.

Employee recognition programs, comprehensive training and education classes and lessons in diversity are all the priority of these 12 hospitals. In addition to this, these hospitals provide opportunities for charity and community outreach, making them desirable places to work. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at who made the top 12!


Adventist Health System

With more than 80,000 employees, Adventist Health System is all about promoting personal and professional growth in its hospital work culture. There have been awards handed out to Adventist Health System, namely the Corporate Philanthropy Award by the Orlando Business Journal in 2017. This is a health system that puts the hospital work culture in the forefront of their minds during the hiring process, offering opportunities to employees to go on global mission trips and as much help as possible for maintaining a good balance between work, life and health. The Adventist Health program is designed to ensure that all members of staff feel supported and able to do their job. This level of care is not heard of in most industries, but Adventist Health is a part of a system of change.


Atrium Health


Atrium Health


It used to be known as Carolinas HealthCare System, but Atrium Health of Charlotte, NC is an employer across more than 900 facilities in the Carolinas. It's been previously voted as one of the Top 20 Best Places to Work in Healthcare (Fortune), and one of America's Best Employers in 2015 (Forbes). The standards set for hospital work culture and workplace satisfaction are constantly achieved above and beyond expectations by Atrium Health. With solid relationships maintained with partnering organizations and a determination to uphold employee diversity, Atrium health works with staff members to ensure that they are supported in their health. Atrium Health offers employees fitness classes and incentives in place to reach wellness goals at every turn. Employee health and wellbeing is the focus at Atrium Health, and it's reflected in its awards and accolades in the past.


Baylor Scott & White Health

With 13 highly ranked hospitals across the U.S, the Baylor Scott & White Health System has four nationally ranked hospitals under its umbrella. On the Forbes list of hospital work culture winners, Baylor Scott & White Health System has featured heavily. Not only do they offer competitive benefits to all of its employees, staff enjoy working there - and it's no wonder. With 100% matching for 401(k) contributions and on-site childcare to alleviate pressure on parents working for them, BSW is working to ensure that the culture that they offer is one of support, care and development. All employees have the opportunity to take training and education courses within this health system, and they also provide adoption assistance alone with all of the standard benefits you'd expect. Baylor Scott & White Health also work on a program of employee sponsorship with the volunteer relief programs that remain so popular with its staff. It's the largest non-profit health system in Texas, with more than 1,000 patient care sites stuffed with excellent employees.


Boca Raton Regional

With 2,800 employees, the Boca Raton Regional Hospital is one hospital that ensures that they offer their employees a balanced hospital work culture. A non-profit, 400-bed hospital, Boca Raton Regional Hospital has been previously honored with a Florida Worksite Wellness Award in 2017, and this was because of the benefits and the support offered. Employees have unparalleled access to assistance programs that pay for physical and emotional illnesses, counseling covering family and marriage, drug and alcohol abuse and more. There are legal and financial advisers on hand to help, too. There is domestic partner coverage offered for employees, adn the Healthy Habits program has yoga, a walking trail on-site and tai chi classes, too. Their goal is to ensure that all employees are as happy and healthy as possible, and the leaders at Boca Raton Regional Hospital go above and beyond to achieve this. The training and continued education programs on offer are some of the best in Florida, and their growth is evident in the fact that their employees are happy!


Central Florida Health


UF Health Central Florida


With 636 beds, Central Florida Health in Leesburg is a smaller outfit than most hospitals, and yet it's two ambulatory surgical care centers and urgent care center makes it a busy place to work. There are also inpatient rehabilitation services on offer, and in 2017, Central Florida Health was named a Top 100 Company. It was deemed to be the Best Employer for Workers over 50 by the AARP. The campus of Central Florida Health has been ranked and achieved the American Hospital Association's Gold Distinction for it's Fit-Friendly Worksites. The goal for Central Florida Health is to ensure that all of the workforce are able to work happily and healthily no matter what. The benefits on offer with Central Florida Health make it one of the best for employees focused on remaining healthy at work, as they offer a comprehensive wellness program including a wellness center. Alongside this, the benefits include a tuition reimbursement program and discount cards. If any employees are financially behind, they offer a caring and sharing program, too, which helps to provide financial help to those struggling.


Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

What used to be a small 20-bed facility has grown to a huge three-hospital health system that offers 27 neighborhoods and their healthcare workers support and employment in Atlanta. There are more than 10,600 employees working in the Children's Healthcare umbrella, and Fortune magazine has listed it as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For 2017 - and that was the 12th time it's been awarded this accolade. The reasoning behind it is evident in that it's also been ranked highly by Working Mother magazine - imperative for working women in healthcare! Employees have access to the Children's Concierge at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, which is a personal assistant to help with grocery shopping and even arranging vacations for employees. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta recognizes that working parents have a lot of pressure on them, and with the Concierge, they know that they are offering an excellent value-added benefit. This serves to create a better, more secure hospital work culture. Perhaps the best thing about it is the Employee Emergency Relief Fun. Team members can donate their pay to their colleagues in a crisis and support each other and other charities, too.


Mayo Clinic

As one of the leaders in healthcare, Mayo Clinic currently has over 2,000 physicians and scientists working within its sphere. There are also over 30,000 allied health employees and Mayo has been named in the Top 12 Hospitals for nine years by DiversityInc. It's also been named among the Most Attractive Employers for 13 years by Universum. There are excellent opportunities for female employees, employees of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles and everyone is treated equally when they work with Mayo Clinic. There are child and elderly care benefits in the employee assistance program, and there are pension benefits to be enjoyed, too. Each of these is with no cost to employees, either!


NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital


NewYork Presbyterian


Ranked as number 32 on the 100 Best Places to Work Employees' Choice Awards list in 2018 by Glassdoor, NewYork-Pres is working hard to ensure that their employees are proud to tell others that they work there. Currently 91% of the hospital employees are proud to make this statement, and with the range of benefits on offer by the hospital, this number is set to change. For example, parents working for the NewYork-Pres hospital are able to take advantage of six weeks of paid leave for birth, adoption or surrogacy. Employees can also receive help with adoption costs and offer support to employees with wellness coaching and ensure that employees are happy with a work-life balance. Their offer of on-site day care and gym membership discounts among so many other things gets them such a top rank for being one of the best for hospital work culture.


Mount Sinai Health System

Mount Sinai Health System is made of seven hospital campuses and the Icahn School of Medicine. In the NYC metropolitan area, a hospital work culture of inclusivity and support is necessary, and Mount Sinai Health System has it covered. Employees require a work-life balance to be happy in their role, and Mount Sinai Health offers a Recreation Office, allowing staff members hefty discounts to shows and sports events. They can even access the Parent Program, offering help to parents in the health system. There is an educational program and meditation and mindfulness support, too. For a happy hospital work culture, employees have to feel all-round supported, which is what Mount Sinai does with its staff. The Mount Sinai Health System works for its staff to ensure inclusivity, diversity and a happy working environment all round.


ProMedica, Toledo

Steaming ahead of big names like LinkedIn and Walt Disney is ProMedica in Toledo when it comes to the Best Large Employer (Forbes). It's been rated as one of the top employers for hospital work culture for years and there is a good reason for it. Marketed as an Irresistible Workplace, ProMedic works on going above and beyond the standard benefit packages. There are continuing education programs, financial assistance programs and youth development programs are run every year. There is an active employee recognition program hosted online, too, and that recognizes coworkers for any achievements, too. 94% of the workforce at ProMedica was recognized by the company in 2017, and this recognition creates the kind of hospital work culture that people seek out. ProMedica offers opportunities across the board for all employees and those that take on those opportunities have more to add to their resume.


Seattle Children's Hospital

The Seattle Children's Hospital has spent 25 years consecutively on the News & World Report's list of the best pediatric hospitals in the U.S. Not only is it a center of excellence for the children who stay here, it's a center of excellence for the employees seeking a happy hopital work culture. Seattle Children's has over 6,000 employees and all of them are able to benefit from free preventative care and discounted services for their children. There is also a public transport discount, rewards scheme and a bonus for all employees who walk or cycle to the hospital for work. This bonus is $4.50 each time! There is a bike-sharing program and it's a hospital that has many eco-friendly initiatives that are taken up by the staff. The Environmental Protection Agency awarded Seattle Children's Hospital an award for the Best Workplace For Commuters because of the incentives offered to encourage eco-friendly methods of travel to work.