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Top 10 Best Compression Stockings for Nurses

Top 10 Best Compression Stockings for Nurses

Compression stockings for nurses are becoming more and more popular as the demand for more healthcare employees has risen. Nurses can be expected to work many extra hours during times when the hospital is particularly busy, so be sure you're well-prepared for the physical demands.

What Are Compression Stockings?

Compression stockings are designed specifically to prevent the occurrence of venous disorders, such as varicose veins, edema, and thrombosis. They're designed to do exactly what the name implies, compressing the limb and reducing the diameter of distended veins. This increases blood flow and the effectiveness of arterial valves.

Overall, compression stockings work wonders for anybody in a position that involves constant standing and walking for long periods of time to relieve heavy and aching legs.If you're concerned about more serious issues, such as blood clots or lower leg ulcers, consider going with the knee-high compression stockings instead.

Compression stockings are made of much more formidable elastics than regular clothing to greatly compress your legs, ankles, and feet, and are usually tightest around the ankles. This can take some getting used to, especially if they're new and not broken in whatsoever. They become less constrictive the further up the leg they go. By doing so, compression stockings force blood through narrower chambers in veins and ultimately causes more blood to return to the heart rather than pooling in the lower extremities.

Top 10 Best Compression Stockings for Nurses:

10. CopperJoint Performance Compression Socks

CopperJoint Compression Stockings for Nurses

Price: $19.97

The CopperPoint Performance Compression Socks for nurses offer a gradual moderate compression of 15-20 mmHg and are better suited to those that aren't constantly on their feet. If your position includes a balance of sitting and standing throughout the day, these may be the best for you.

Made of breathable, high performance fabrics, these socks work to keep th eoptimal temperature for your feet and shins, which is perfect for those frigid workplaces where you would usually put on a few pairs at a time. They're even great for hotter environments as well, since the socks are made with their patented moisture wicking technology.

9. Truform 1772, Women's Compression Stockings

Truform Compression Stockings for Nurses

Price: $15.55

Made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, the Truform 1772 Women's Compression Stockings for nurses have a moderate strength of 15-20 mmHg medical grade support with a breathable open-toe design. The smooth design and snug fit of these stockings stay where they are for the duration of the day.

These are a great value for anyone in the medical field, nurses particularly, and at a great value. Made in the U.S. and to FDA specifications.

8. CompressionZ Compression Socks 30-40mmHg Graduated

CompressionZ Compression Stockings for Nurses

Price: $24.99 - $27.99

The CompressionZ 30-40 mmHg Graduated compression stockings for nurses offer high-strength constriction to promote better blood flow. Compression with these is most intense at the ankle and gets gradually less moving up the leg.

If you're searching for something to speed muscle recovery, these promote some of the best oxygen circulation on the market and help to reduce lactic acid build up. Other features of these socks are their unique designs, anti odor & anti static technologies,  and silver yarn anti-bacterial fabric.

7. Wanderlust Air Travel Socks for Men & Women

Wanderlust Compression Stockings for Nurses

Price: $22.97

The Wanderlust Air Travel Socks may be marketed for those who do a lot of flying, but they're still great for nurses too. Made of 80% cotton, 6% polyester, 9% nylon, and 5% lycra,  these stockings reduce swelling, relieve pain, and will last forever.

With medical grade compression of 25-30 mmHg and gradually less going up the leg, you can take these stockings on or off with ease. These also feature a seamless toe box to reduce friction & prevent blisters, extra soft foot padding to absorb impact, and great arch & heel support.

6. CompressionZ Compression Socks for Men & Women

CompressionZ Compression Stockings for Nurses

Price: $19.99 - $24.99

The CompressionZ Compression Stockings for nurses offer fun patterns along with medical grade compression of 20 - 30 mmHg for better blood circulation. Why setting for boring, old, solid colors when you can choose from one their many over-the-top styles?

With anti-odor and anti-static technology, these stockings come equipped with everything you'd want out of a great pair of compression stockings.

5. Go2 Compression Socks for Women and Men

PGo2 Compression Socks for Nursesrice: $18.90 - $19.99

The Go2 Compression Socks for nurses come equipped with graduated compression of 20 - 30 mmHg and are made of blended nylon fabric with silver to fight odor, bacteria, and moisture. Choose from 14 different colors and designs to match with anything and everything.

4. Dr. Motion Ladies 6 Pair Pack Compression Socks

Dr. Motion Compression Socks

Price: $32.85

Looking to buy your compression stockings in bulk? Look no further than Dr. Motions for your compression needs. These non-binding stockings are built with comfort bands throughout and graduated compression to help circulation.

These stockings feature a seemless toe design to ensure a comforting fit, and one pack comes with 2 black pairs, 1 brown pair, 1 beige pair, 1 navy pair, and 1 grey pair.

3. A-Swift Performance Compression Socks for Women & Men

Performance Compression Socks for Nurses

Price: $18.99

Still not satisfied with the crazy designs offered by other companies? Check out the A-Swift Performance Compression Stockings for nurses. With 20 - 33 mmHg graduated compression, these socks promote rapid muscle recovery, better blood and oxygen circulation, and reduce lactic acid buildup.

As with others, the compression is most intense at the ankle, and gets gradually less tense further up to the knee. Unlike others on our list, tehse compression stockings come wit ha free ebook that contains 10 chapters of useful information on Tennis (if you're also into that).

2. FYTTO Style 1020 Women's Comfy Compression Socks

FYTTO Compression Stockings

Price: $12.99

These comfy compression socks by Fytto can be used in both casual and formal environments, and come equipped with graduated compression of 15 - 20 mmHg, graduated. This pair is less tight around the toes, if you're someone who cannot stand the feeling of them being bound too tightly.

The soles come with extra padding to absorb impact and promote comfort while standing and walking. Colors include black, brown, burgundy, gray, and nude.

1. Buttons & Pleats Compression Socks

Buttons & Pleats Compression Socks

Price: $21.95

Support healthy circulation with the Buttons & Pleats Compression Socks for Women. The graduated compression of 15 - 20 mmHg ensures the optimal pressure to the calf and ankle to promote blood flow and prevent varicose  veins.

Unlike some other compression stockings that fall over time, these are made with ribbed cuffs throughout to keep them in place for long hours. The bottoms are lined with anti-slip tracking to minimize any risk of falls, while the rest of the sock is made to be a soft as possible.

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