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Best States for Healthcare Professionals to Work

Best States for Healthcare Professionals to Work
The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding, and career opportunities are presenting themselves all across the nation. Health is the real wealth that people are now beginning to value and prioritize. No amount of money in this world can get a sick man off his death bed. As a result, healthcare professionals across the country are interested in pursuing positions that will help them put their health as a priority and offer additional benefits that align with their personal goals and career objectives. With this in mind, the demand and growth in the healthcare industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years as job seekers realize that the healthcare industry provides some of the best benefits and opportunities to work.

Starting a healthcare career today is one of the most popular choices for recent graduates as they take note of the employment benefits and opportunities that present themselves compared to other career opportunities. Even those looking to change their professions have kept an eye out on this industry because of the great compensation packages and benefits that come along with a healthcare job. With the amount of effort and time that goes into getting the proper education and licenses to be in a medical profession, it's no wonder why so many healthcare workers are weighing their options and considering different states to work in.

Due to the fact that working in the healthcare industry often requires additional education, experience, certifications, and more, these healthcare professionals have the leverage to choose and go to the best states to work for in their fields of interest. Healthcare professionals are more than willing to pursue new job opportunities in different states to get all the benefits and compensation packages they want, which is a luxury that other careers and industries don't offer.

Best States for Healthcare Professionals to Work

If you're considering healthcare jobs across the country because you're willing to travel and start your career somewhere new, you might be asking yourself questions like, "Where exactly are the best states for healthcare professionals to work in country?" We've taken the time to outline some of the best states for healthcare professionals to work. Consider the following states for healthcare professionals:

1. Hawaii

Who would ever stop to think that this tropical island paradise would make it to this list of best states to work for healthcare professionals? We often stop and think that it'd be a wonderful place to live, even though there are several complications like the travel distance, weather, shipping concerns, etc., but we very rarely think that it's one of the best states to work for healthcare jobs.

According to many industry write-ups, this Aloha State ranks as one of the best states to work for healthcare because the Prepaid Health Care Act has prioritized the industry for its constituents. Enacted four decades ago, coverage includes many things from maternity care, office visits, lower Medicaid eligibility requirements, and more. With this kind of worry-free coverage, people in this state don’t hold off on visiting their physicians to address their aches and pains.

As of 2016, more than 96.5% of Hawaiians enjoy their healthcare coverage, which has been very efficient in helping them seek and receive preventive care. To date, this state has the lowest cardiovascular disease, obesity, and suicide rates. Add to that, the Hawaiians have the highest rating for well-being in the country!

With more improvements being made in the industry, the state is set to fill roughly 9,000 healthcare positions from high level surgeons to low level job opportunities like lab technicians. The state is noted for offering higher salaries when compared to the rest of the country, truly making Hawaii one of the best states to work for in this region. For those individuals who are looking for a job where they can live in paradise and find ample healthcare job opportunities, working in Hawaii is a great option to consider. The unemployment rate for Hawaii is around 2.7 percent.

2. North Dakota

This humble state belongs to the list of best states for healthcare professionals to work. Although the state’s winters are long, dark, dreary, and cold, North Dakota still comes out as one of the best states to work in for people with a medical background. Physicians and nurses are highly paid, with their burnout and medical malpractice data ranking amongst the lowest in the country.

Moreover, this state comes as number seven for offering the best quality of care in addition to being known for their low uninsured level of eight percent. The state’s low tax rates and above-average median earnings rate truly makes it a great place for any kind of healthcare professional to gain valuable experience and launch their career in. Work-life balance is also noted to be great, which is why the longevity of the older generation is clocked in at 79.5 years. The unemployment rate for North Dakota is around 2.4%.

3. Nebraska

Nebraska is one of the best states for healthcare professionals because they have the second lowest burnout rate in the country. Nebraska also ranks high when it comes to compensation and overall performance and salary packages they offer to healthcare professionals. This is an awesome place and state to work for healthcare workers, especially doctors and nurses because their malpractice rates are amongst the lowest across the country. On top of that, this state is ranked number 12 when it comes to the quality of healthcare offered.

Perhaps, the only downside of moving to Nebraska is paying for a really high income tax. However, this is balanced out by the great ratings the state receives when it comes to their residents’ well being, longevity, cost of living, and higher education focus. The unemployment rate for Nebraska is around 3.1%.

4. Vermont

Many indicators point to Vermont as being one of the best states to work for in this country. When asked if they were happy at work, a large percentage of doctors in the state gave a positive and enthusiastic answer. Healthcare workers, especially physicians, are generally paid well when compared to other salary averages across the country. Moreover, the malpractice rate in this state is low, making it a good worry-free option for those in the medical field in search of a place they could settle down and establish roots for their career.

This Green Mountain State has the lowest rate of violent crimes, making it a truly safe place to raise a family. The unemployment rate for Vermont is around 2.1%.

5. New Hampshire

Another New England state makes it onto the list of best states to work for medical professionals. New Hampshire healthcare workers can rely on a steady average income of around $90,000. Another bit of good news is that he state has no sales tax and no tax on wages making the take-home pay stretch longer than in any other state. However, owning a house may be cumbersome for many healthcare professionals in this state because the state does have a very high property tax rate.

The primary focus of the state is children, so pediatricians and nurses with a lot of experience on the pediatric floor are very much in demand. New Hampshire is known for having the lowest infant mortality rate in the country and one of the lowest uninsured rate when it comes to children. There is also a high senior citizen population because people have an average life span of 80.3 years old. This means that there are many opportunities for healthcare workers to join the staff of nursing home facilities.

As the baby boomer generation continues to age and demand care in numbers and levels never seen before, there will be an ample number of opportunities for healthcare professionals to work in the state and gain valuable experience. With so many potential opportunities, New Hampshire is indeed one of the best states for healthcare professionals to work in and enjoy a good balance of home-work life. The unemployment rate in New Hampshire is around 2.5%.

6. Iowa

Iowa is one of the best states for healthcare professionals to find their home being a family friendly place. The Corn State has the most affordable healthcare in the country and is home to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. UIHC alone employs almost ten thousand healthcare workers. This company is often selected as one of the best employers when it comes to the healthcare sector.

Healthcare professionals in Iowa on average receive an annual salary of about $70,000. This may seem lower compared to a place like New Hampshire like we mentioned earlier, but the figure is a lot higher compared to the surrounding states nearby and higher than the national standard of $63,000. Add to the low cost of living in the state of Iowa, this makes the salary a good number and the state itself a good choice to call home. Des Moines and Iowa City are good places to consider and are common healthcare professional destinations for education offerings, public transportation, and city life. This is truly one of the best states for health professionals to work, boost their career, and establish their families. The unemployment rate in Iowa is around 2.5%.

7. Massachusetts

Another New England state makes it onto the best states for healthcare professionals list because they rank number three in terms of wages, salary, and additional compensation. The average income for certified medical professionals in this state is around $90,530. This high figure is the reason why the state also has a large population of healthcare professionals, ranking fourth in the country. Another reason for this influx of healthcare workers and the ranking of one of the best states for healthcare professionals to work and pursue career opportunities is in large part due to the sheer volume of hospitals in the state.

In spite of the long cold winter and the potentially harsh weather, many healthcare workers flock to this state because it is one of the best states to work in because of the opportunities that abound. The city of Boston alone is considered a hub of medicine, science, research, and hospitals. With so many top-ranked hospitals and teaching hospitals in the state like Brigham and Women’s, Boston Medical Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, and more. The unemployment rate in Massachusetts is around 2.9%.


Varying states offer different kinds of opportunities for healthcare workers, along with a diverse set of compensation packages, benefits, tax plans, and more. There are plenty of different factors that will influence the best states for healthcare professionals to work, including your personal preferences. It is critical to do research and compare options before settling down and establishing roots. Apart from the monetary gains in a job, it is vital to explore the community that you will belong to, career opportunities, education opportunities, transportation options, and more.
It is crucial to get the feel and vibe of the hospital culture you are going to work for, as well as the home environment you will be living in when you're considering the state. All of these factors work together in defining whether you will have a good quality of life and enjoy the state. When evaluating which states to consider to start or transition your healthcare career, the states above are some of the best options to consider.

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