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Best Hospitals in Iowa to Work For

Best Hospitals in Iowa to Work For

Are you a healthcare professional looking for a new job in Iowa? If so, you likely have questions about which hospitals are the best places to work.

Before diving more deeply into this question, however, you need to define what's important to you as an employee. Consider factors such as:

  • The size of the hospital
  • The on-site security
  • How it ranks at the state and national levels

You'll also want to explore the employee culture as you consider the type of hospital where you'd like to work. Other fundamental elements to think about include the hospital's accreditation and its financial stability.

Keep reading for a breakdown of which types of hospitals are the best employers and, more specifically, which hospitals in Iowa fit the bill.

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Types of Hospitals and Their Characteristics

Searching for a satisfactory employer represents a personal decision. That's why you must understand the characteristics used to describe different hospital workplaces.

That way, you can select a workplace that provides you with the atmosphere and amenities that matter most to you.

For example, hospitals are categorized by the number of licensed beds in the facility. The number of beds may range anywhere from ten to 20 at the smallest hospitals up to a 1,000 at the biggest ones.

In keeping with the size of the hospital, consider the services they offer. In general, the more beds a hospital has, the more services they provide.

The vast majority of hospitals have facilities to deliver babies and handle general surgeries. That said, not all are equipped for medical scenarios such as major trauma patients or cardiac care.

If these are important areas of specialization for you, keep them in mind during your search.

You should also think about each hospital's financial status. Some hospitals are for-profit while others are non-profit.

For-profit hospitals tend to be owned by large corporations or public companies. These hospitals must pay a percentage of their profits back to investors.

As for non-profit hospitals, community taxes fund them. They include academic hospitals, military hospitals, and more.

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Which Type of Hospital Is Best for You?

With these factors in mind, let's delve a little deeper into the different types of employment experiences possible at hospitals.

Do you prefer working in a close-knit organization? If so, you should look for a small-scale community hospital. If that isn't a possibility, then look for a small department that makes team effort a priority.

Here's some more to think about when it comes to the differences between working for small and large hospitals.

Deciding between a for-profit versus non-profit hospital also represents an important step.

Some people argue that non-profit hospitals provide a higher quality of care. They feel for-profit institutions have a potential conflict of interest when it comes to balancing patients' needs against profit generation.

Of course, each hospital should be considered based on its merit. Find out more about the differences between non-profit versus for-profit hospitals.

If you feel passionate about education, then you should explore working in an academic healthcare setting such as a university hospital or university health center.

Healthcare careers are in higher demand than ever before, and you may find you need additional education before securing your dream job. If that's the case, here's a listing of the best colleges and universities for healthcare degrees.

Other Factors to Consider

Additional questions to think about as you explore different workplaces include:

  • How do managers treat staff members?
  • How does the administration treat staff?
  • Is the hospital well-staffed?
  • Or, is it understaffed?
  • What is the hospital's reputation in the community?
  • What does the administration value in its workforce?

It's crucial that you carefully explore your options before making a decision. Start with online research and check patient reviews.

Don't forget to speak to current employees, too. You should also explore working with a recruitment agency to help you find an optimal placement.

With these questions and considerations in mind, let's look at some of the best hospitals in Iowa.

The Best Hospitals in Iowa to Work For

Are you looking for flexible scheduling? An educational setting? Or, perhaps, friendly coworkers?

No matter your requirements, you've got plenty of fantastic options in Iowa. Keep reading for a breakdown of the best hospitals in Iowa.

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1. University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

When it comes to hospitals in Iowa City, the University of Iowa remains poised on the cutting-edge of research and innovation.

It boasts a state-of-the-art facility, new equipment, and innovative healthcare technology. It also offers some of the best doctors in the nation.

Iowa University hospitals rank nationally in seven of its adult specialties. These include:

  • Third for ear, nose, and throat
  • Seventh for ophthalmology
  • 14th for orthopedics
  • 34th for urology
  • 39th for pulmonary
  • 50th for gynecology

Because it's a teaching hospital, the staff prove highly knowledgeable. They're also welcoming and friendly. University of Iowa hospitals employ a large team, which means working with a diverse group of people.

The work environment is comfortable. Many employees rank it as one of the best hospitals in the country. The hospital also offers fantastic pay and benefit packages along with flexible scheduling.

Management is fair and always willing to work with employees. This also proves true when it comes to conflict resolution and scheduling issues.

2. Iowa Lutheran Hospital

Established in 1914, the Iowa Lutheran Hospital has 224 staffed beds. The hospital specializes in:

  • Trauma treatment
  • Chemical dependency treatment
  • Maternity services
  • And much more

A non-profit organization, it has received the Beacon Awards for Critical Care Excellence. It also boasts recognition as one of the Best Regional Hospitals by US News & World Report.

As a teaching hospital, coworkers prove friendly, helpful, and highly knowledgeable. The culture is diverse. Yet, it represents one of the smaller hospitals in the region. You'll enjoy plenty of interaction with various departments here.

The hospital prides itself on teamwork. This focus makes for a pleasant professional environment where staff works well together. The hospital is also known for its on-site security and clean, safe environment.

3. Floyd County Medical Center

The Floyd County Medical Center in Charles City was established in 1965. This 25-bed critical access hospital is licensed and credited by the Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals. It's also a member of the Iowa Hospital Association.

They employ more than 200 staff members. They strive for the highest levels of care for patients, with consideration and respect for their families.

Floyd County Medical Center has received the Governor's Volunteer Award. It specializes in:

  • Audiology
  • Maternity services
  • Cardiac rehab
  • Diabetic education
  • And much more

It's a Level IV Trauma Center but not a teaching hospital.

What do staff appreciate about working at Floyd County Medical Center? It offers a competitive pay rate and excellent retirement benefits. Coworkers prove kind and helpful. The hospital also provides up-to-date equipment.

Because it functions as a small critical access hospital, staff receive training in multiple areas.

4. Iowa Methodist Medical Center

Since its founding in 1901, Iowa Methodist Medical Center has expanded into one of the most important regional medical centers and teaching hospitals in the country.

One of the Des Moines area hospitals, it boasts a 42-acre campus. It employs a staff of 4,000, and it offers 370 staffed beds.

One of two Level I Trauma Centers in the state, it operates Life Flight. Life Flight is an air ambulance program. This program began in 1979 and flies hundreds of critical missions annually.

Both a non-profit and teaching hospital, it has earned distinction as one of the best regional hospitals in the nation. It's also received the "Gold Seal of Approval" by the Joint Commission.

Management cares about its employees. They respect their opinions about work-related matters. The focus on employee satisfaction makes for approachable supervisors interested in your concerns.

Although a small, community hospital, the institution boasts many top-notch healthcare professionals. Doctors are high-level yet easy to work with. The pay rate proves competitive with excellent benefits.

5. Mercy Medical Center

Located in Cedar Rapids, Mercy Medical Center offers patients award-winning care. As one of the largest employers in the city and surrounding communities, more than 3,000 caregivers work on the campus.

A non-profit facility, they specialize in many different areas. They offer a:

  • Cardiology Center
  • Spine Center
  • Stroke Center
  • Level III Trauma Care Center
  • And much more

Among the many benefits employees enjoy are the friendly coworkers and a focus on teamwork.

They also appreciate the hospital's flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Coworkers willingly swap shifts when needed, and alternate holidays are available.

The hospital works closely with local emergency care providers. This cooperation leads to longterm retention of nurses and other staff. These employees report enjoying a greater sense of autonomy at Mercy Medical Center.

6. UnityPoint Health-St. Luke's Hospital

Located in Cedar Rapids, UnityPoint Health specializes in a wide variety of different conditions and procedures. Ranked as "high performing" in a variety of areas, these include:

  • Hip replacement
  • Heart failure
  • Knee replacement
  • Heart bypass surgery

It has remained committed to providing Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities with the best in medical care for more than 130 years ago. To ensure this mission, they offer financial assistance to the underinsured and uninsured.

UnityPoint Health prides itself on being one of the most integrated health systems in the country. Their physician-led team of professionals works hard to provide the best care to patients.

They have 532 licensed beds and 3,500 employees. They offer a magnet recognized American Nurses Credentialing Center. What's more, St. Luke's is part of the larger UnityPoint Health organization that sees more than 4.5 million patients annually.

They provide a full range of coordinated care options to patients and families. They represent the fourth largest nondenominational health system and 13th largest non-profit health system in the US.

7. The University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital

The University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital is the state's only comprehensive pediatric medical center and a national leader in this area of expertise.

The hospital ranks among the nation's best in six areas according to US News & World Report. These specialties include:

  • 16th in neonatology
  • 21st in pediatric endocrinology and diabetes
  • 26th in pediatric urology
  • 29th in pediatric orthopedics
  • 39th in pediatric nephrology
  • 46th in pediatric cancer

These national rankings reflect the hospital's continued dedication to providing the best medical care to Iowa's children.

What's more, as of 2019, the hospital celebrates ten consecutive years of recognition for providing quality patient care.

Working at this hospital comes with the added value of highly trained staff and an award-winning atmosphere. Teamwork is central to the equation as well as providing staff and employees with the resources they need to do their best.

Other advantages of working here include:

  • Competitive pay rates
  • An attractive benefits package
  • Free parking at the facility

Overall, employees report it as a rewarding place to work. The hospital remains hyper-focused on helping Iowa children and families when they need it most, This dedication is attested by the hospital's distinguished history in the state.

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The Best Hospitals to Work for in Iowa

When it comes to the best hospitals in Iowa to work for, you need to consider a variety of factors before making a decision.

From hospital size to administration-staff relations, and so much more, choosing the best workplace involves many considerations. That said, the seven hospitals listed above are known for their high level of care and fantastic working environments.

Are you ready to explore a career in the medical field? We've got you covered. Keep reading for our analysis of the best mountain towns to live and work as a healthcare professional.