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Best Healthcare Systems to Work For

Best Healthcare Systems to Work For

U.S. Healthcare & Healthcare Systems

Healthcare is one of the biggest employment sectors in the US and with good reason. Indeed, the US boasts some of the largest, most advanced, and most dedicated Healthcare Systems and multiple hospital groups in the world. Although there are so many choices, picking which one is perfect for your career needs can be a little confusing. Luckily, you can read all about the best and biggest Healthcare Systems in the US below. 

Before we get started it is important to define and recognize where we have sourced this information. The main inspiration for this article came from an excellent piece of research compiled by Becker's Hospital Review in Dec 2020, entitled 100 of the largest hospitals and health systems in America. Although additional details were found on the websites and career pages of the Health Systems themselves, as well as the comprehensive comparison you can find at Hospital Careers – Best Hospitals to Work For.


HCA Healthcare

Topping the charts with a massive 35 million patient encounters and 186 individual hospitals HCA Healthcare is located in Nashville. Indeed, HCA Healthcare is not only a thriving medical care system but also ranked as number 65 on the Fortune 500 list, with an additional accolade for being among the Ethisphere Institute's "World's Most Ethical Companies" list in 2019. (this is the 10th time they have been featured on this list!)

As you would expect from such a massive and successful medical organization HCA Healthcare employs over 90,000 nurses and doctors all over the world, making them one of the very best healthcare systems to work for. Oh, and they were named as a top company by LinkedIn too!


Veteran's Health Administration

The next healthcare system we must mention here is the Veteran's Health Administration. The Veteran's Health Administration specializes in providing medical care to US veterans and their families and has over 1200 healthcare facilities throughout the US. Their mission is to serve those that served our country. 170 of their facilities are hospitals, 170 are medical centers and the remaining facilities are for outpatients. Currently, the Veteran's Health Administration provides care to over 9 million veterans each year.

Additionally, the Veteran's Health Administration is a great place for army medics and corpsmen looking to transition into a career in civilian medicine.



Another of the biggest and best healthcare systems in the US to work for is Ascension based out of St. Louis. They currently boast 150 hospitals and as a not-for-profit, this is no mean feat!

As you can probably tell from their name Ascension is a Catholic organization and they offer care in more than 2500 locations across the US. They currently handle over 3 million ER visits, and 25 million outpatient visits every year.


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Ascension has also offered around $46 million worth of tuition assistance, and they specialize in offering nursing, nursing assistant, and medical assistant roles. They also have an associate travel program.


CommonSpirit Health

Based in Chicago the CommonSpirit Health system is also faith-based. A relatively new kid on the block when it comes to established health systems CommonSpirit Health began in 2019 and came from an amalgamation of several smaller systems including Dignity Health and Englewood.

Despite only officially being around for a few years, CommonSpirit Health includes a staggering 137 hospitals and employs around 150,000 staff as well as 25,000 doctors. The care that CommonSpirit Health provides also spans a massive 21 US states.


Community Health Systems

Working out of Franklin, Tennessee, Community Health Systems is multiple systems to keep your eye on if you are looking for a job in the medical field. 

Indeed, with over 90 hospitals across 16 states, they are one of the largest US medical employers. Community Health Systems are also well established in the medical care field as their regional healthcare system has been established for over 30 years, which clearly shows they know what they are doing and can be relied upon to run a successful organization offering stable employment.


Trinity Health

Another Catholic-based healthcare system, Trinity Health, based in Livonia, currently holds 92 and 106 care locations. Trinity Health is a multiple hospital system that has sites in 22 US states and employs over 110,000 people, 7500 of whom are doctors. The Trinity Health system sees around 30 million people across America.

Some of the benefits of working with Trinity Health include medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as childcare discounts, tuition assistance, and paid time-off programs and holidays. They also run a much-coveted fellowship program.


LifePoint Health

High praise indeed, is due to the LifePoint Health multiple hospital systems based in Brentwood which currently includes 88 hospitals. The National Rural Health Association has highlighted not one but two of their institutions as among the nation's top 20. LifePoint Health currently employs over 55,000 employees.


Tenet Healthcare

Another Fortune 500 ranking organization, the Tenet Healthcare system boasts not only 65 hospitals, but also a myriad of additional care facilities including urgent care centers, imaging facilities, and outpatient services.

Of course, with so many facilities to their name, it is hardly surprising that they employ over 110,000 people and are one of the largest medical employers in the US.


Vibra Healthcare

Next, we have the Vibra Healthcare multiple hospital system based out of Mechanicsburg, Pa, but operating out of 14 US states. Vibra Healthcare currently has 45 medical facilities which include hospitals, physical therapy centers, outpatient units, and transitional care units.

Vibra Healthcare was founded in 2004, and due to successful expansion now employs over 6,000 people across their organization.



Now we move on to Renton, Wash, and the Providence Healthcare System formed in 2016. Providence currently operates over 50 hospitals across the US. However, hospitals are not the only services they offer as they also boast over 100 clinics in the US, something that means they employ more than 120,000 employees.


Atrium Health

A well-established multiple hospital system Atrium Health based out of Charlotte, N.C has roots that reach back to 1940 and the establishment of the Carolinas HealthCare System. However, since being rebranded as Atrium Health in 2018 this multiple hospital system manages almost 40 hospitals and hundreds of additional care locations including doctors' offices, nursing homes, and behavioral health centers.

Incredibly well regarded in the medical field, the Atrium Health system holds certification for ambulatory environments and acute care at the HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 level.



With a focus on holistic and personalized care, the AdventHealth multiple hospital systems is another faith-based organization. Operating out of Altamonte Springs and Currently seeing around 6 million patients each year in one of the 50 hospitals or other facilities, AdventHealth employs over 80,000 people.


Baylor Scott & White Health

Our next healthcare system is most definitely a great option to consider if you are looking to secure a role in the medical field. Indeed, in the last year, 17 of Baylor Scott & White Health’s 52 facilities were named in the U.S. News & World Report list of America's Best Hospitals.

Established when Scott & White Healthcare and Baylor Health Care System were combined in 2013, Baylor Scott & White Health based in Dallas employs almost 50,0000 people, with over 7000 of these being doctors and physicians. In addition to their 52 hospitals, Baylor Scott & White Health also has over 1000 additional care sites, and they also run a health plan to boot!


Bon Secours Mercy Health

Cincinnati-based Bon Secours Mercy Health's multiple hospital system encompasses over 2500 providers and 50 facilities. Another Catholic-based organization, run as a not-for-profit, you can find Bon Secours Mercy Health facilities in Ireland as well as across 7 states in the US.

Bon Secours Mercy Health also has a particular focus on research that is used to drive and make positive changes within the medical profession. Therefore, if you are looking to change the system for the better from within, Bon Secours Mercy Health could be a great place to work.


Prime Healthcare

On the up and up Prime Healthcare multiple hospital systems can be found across 14 states in the US. Although they are primarily based in Ontario. Something of an anomaly, Prime Healthcare’s 46 hospitals include both for-profit and not-for-profit institutions. However, overall this healthcare system is run to earn a profit.

Although, it is also worth noting that since their foundation in 2001, Prime Healthcare has retained all their facilities and invested over 1.5 billion in improvements, something that shows they are in it not only for the money but are also concerned with long term stability and the quality of care they offer. All of these are great news for those looking for a job in the medical field, as it seems like Prime Healthcare will continue to be around for some time to come.


Sanford Health

Not only are they well established in the US, but Sanford Health facilities can be found all over the world! Currently, they boast 46 hospitals, in addition to nursing homes and clinics all of which together provide an effective, integrated healthcare system. 

Sanford Health’s head office is in Sioux Falls and they employ almost 50,000 employees and offer a 200,000-member health plan.


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UMPC)

At the cutting edge of innovation, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UMPC) is a multiple hospital system that many within the industry would love to work at. Especially because one of their primary focuses is to use data-driven solutions to reduce the cost of care.


Image Source Pexels


In addition to their commercial research arm UPMC Enterprises, this multiple hospital system also employs 700 doctors, and an additional 90,000 employees across a range of facilities including community and academic hospitals. UMPC even has retirement and rehabilitation provision as a health plan that serves almost 4 million members.



Probably one of the most aptly named healthcare systems in the US Mercy, operating out of St. Louis is another innovator providing services way beyond the care on offer in their 39 hospitals.

Mercy consists of over 2000 physicians' practices with more than 900 doctors. While at the same time also offering virtual services across the nation, a healthcare IT decision, and even a supply chain organization. All of which means there are plenty of interesting and exciting opportunities within this multiple hospital system in areas including IT, advanced practice, support services, leadership, and even business professionals. Therefore making Mercy ideal for those looking to begin or advance their career in the medical sector.


Kaiser Permanente

Back to Oakland, Calif for this healthcare organization, which is referred to as an integrated managed care consortium, known as Kaiser Permanente. Although, in truth, Kaiser Permanente facilities can be found in 8 states in the US, not only in California.

Kaiser Permanente employs a huge number of nurses (60,000 +), doctors (23,000+), and other medical staff (210,000+) in their 39 facilities and 715 medical offices. They also offer a non-profit health plan that currently serves around 12,000,000 members.

Careers at Kaiser Permanente run from physician and nurse to more specialist roles including those in digital medicine, healthcare leadership, and mental health.


Avera Health

Another multiple hospital system that has its roots in Sioux Falls, Avera Health serves over 1 million people across 100 communities. Specialists in rural health care, Avera Health also offer services including group purchasing, consultations, and management in addition to their 315 locations and 37 hospitals.

Home to a varied, and expert workforce, and South Dakota’s largest employer, Avera Health employs almost 20,000 people across 60 medical specialties. They also offer job shadowing, internships, career planning, great benefits, and access to advanced tech. All of which makes them a great choice for anyone looking to work in the medical field.


Steward Health Care

For those looking to work in a Healthcare System that is both led and owned by physicians, Steward Health Care based in Dallas is a perfect choice. Steward Health Care is also privately owned and employs upwards of 37000 people. Its 36 hospitals and 7000 beds serve 800 communities, and they see around 12 million patients a year. 

Steward Health Care is looking for inspired individuals across a range of roles from physicians, hospital support, and nursing.


Christus Health

Now we travel to Irving, Texas where you will find the 600 healthcare centers and 35 hospitals of the Christus Health group. A not-for-profit, Christus Health offers care in both North and South America and employs 15000 doctors, which make up a large part of their 45,000 strong team.

They are also set up to offer support for both nurses and physicians in their career progression and include dignity, excellence, and compassion within their operating values.


Ardent Health Services

Consistently recognized among healthcare's best employers, Ardent Health Services have been named in both modern healthcare and the Tennessean as top places to work.

With a distinct focus on acquiring and setting up new medical facilities Ardent Health Services’ multiple hospital group based out of Nashville is another of the US’s best healthcare systems to work for.

You can expect their current 180 clinic locations, 4000+ beds, and 26,000 employees to continue to grow as well, as they have invested over 1 billion in new and expanding services since 2001.


Great Plains Health Alliance

Offering both resident opportunities for trainee doctors, and employment opportunities across a range of specialisms including family medicine, urology, robotics, and cardiology, the 29 hospitals of the Great Plains Health Alliance are a great employer to consider.

They are engaged in important work too, as this not-for-profit is focused on helping community hospitals adjust to the issues caused by the consolidation of healthcare space.


Banner Health

One of the largest employers in the entire Arizona region, Banner Health based out of Phoenix is a not-for-profit healthcare system that works in both rural and urban environments.

The focus is to transform the health industry for the better, and they offer flexible hours, competitive pay, and great benefits for employees that join them on this mission. 

With a count of 28 hospitals currently, Banner Health employs over 50,000 workers and is in a merger with the University of Arizona Health Network.


Community Hospital Corp.

Known as a national leader for community hospitals, Community Hospital Corp. also known as Community Hospital Corp. also known as CHC and encompasses 27 hospitals, management consulting, and a supply chain arm. Well, established CHC has been operating since the ‘90s and continues to expand its reach with career opportunities on offer across the nation.


Mayo Clinic Health System

While the Mayo Clinic Health System is small compared to some of the multiple hospital groups listed above, it is probably one of the most well-known. Indeed, their reputation as a leader in healthcare information and articles online has made the Mayo Clinic a worldwide household name.

They also have plenty of employee’s accolades to their name including being named as Forbes’ #3 large US employers in 2021, and Universum’s Most Attractive Employer. Not to mention their Nursing Magnet Status

The Mayo Clinic Health System operates three large campuses, one in Florida, one in Arizona, and one in Minnesota, and employs over 3,500 doctors, scientists, and health staff.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are a physician, nurse, IT professional, healthcare leader, or want to be part of a medical support team, there are plenty of healthcare systems in the US you can pick from. The great thing is that choosing to work for one of the best Healthcare Systems in the US, can help you both make a difference and achieve your career goals.