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"Angel" Nurse Captures Hearts of Millions

"Angel" Nurse Captures Hearts of Millions

Nurses can have an impact on patients in a lot of ways, but perhaps none more so than how “Angel” Nurse Olivia Neufelder impacted her patient Margaret Smith. Margaret Smith was waiting for a liver transplant in Nashville at Vanderbilt University Medical Center when she passed away October 25, 2017.

In a viral video published by Crystal Hamilton Roberts a friend of Margaret Smith, viewers can see “angel” nurse Ms. Neufelder singing to Margaret in a video that captured the hearts of millions. Crystal Roberts, who was friends with Margaret for over 15 years and was there when her friend had been diagnosed with cancer a year earlier, said that the “angel” nurse would sing to Margaret whenever she asked in the weeks leading up to her death.

The song of choice in the viral video was “Dancing In The Sky” by Dani and Lizzie.

The nurse in the viral video, Olivia, later wrote in a facebook post, “Miss Marg has touched my heart in such an indescribable way. I am so humbled and honored to be a Nurse. My thoughts and prayers are forever with this amazing family.”

Nurses can have a profound effect on not only patients, but also on close friends and family members of their patients. Roberts highlighted the important message of her viral video stating, “There’s always hope, there’s always someone.”

That message could not have been stated any better. Nurses are often a beacon of light for both patients and their families. Nurses can be a beacon of stability, impending wellness, and a support structure for when things get rough.

Registered nurses have one of the greatest opportunities in any career in the way that they can impact and change someone's life. Even the smallest of interactions that registered nurses provide can be angelic to their patients and family members.

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