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25 Best Accelerated Nursing Programs

25 Best Accelerated Nursing Programs

Are you looking to advance to the next level but need to do it fast? Here are the 25 best accelerated nursing programs of 2019.

Going to school can take years out of your life and can be a huge commitment, taking a toll on your wallet, health, and relationships. However, schools are coming around to the idea that not everyone has the time or the right circumstances to attend college in the traditional way and are making advancements every year to make opportunities available for everyone.

Both accelerated and online programs are fairly new, and many universities are still trying to find the right approach to effectively teaching their students the skills they need to know before going into the field. Luckily, some of most prestigious institutions in the U.S. are paving the way for this new method.

Below, you'll find what we believe to be the best of the best in accelerated nursing programs. Click on any of the school logos below to be taken directly to the program's page.

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