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5 Best Hospitals in Tennessee

5 Best Hospitals in Tennessee

When you or your loved ones fall victim to sickness, you definitely want care from the best hospital possible. Nothing is worse than being unsatisfied with the care you receive when your health depends on it. Luckily we narrowed down the best hospitals in Tennessee for you.

With over 100 different hospitals in Tennessee, it isn't easy picking the one you should depend on for healthcare. Whether you pick a local hospital or decide a drive may be worth better healthcare will depend on many factors, but we will leave that one up to you.

Our rankings for the best hospitals in Tennessee depended on many factors including specialty rankings, reviews, and capacity. When choosing the best hospital for yourself, remember to look for one that may specialize in your illness.

After pulling together all of the research and narrowing down the options, we bring you the best hospitals in Tennessee.

5 Best Hospitals in Tennessee

5. Saint Thomas West Hospital

St. Thomas West Hospital - 5 Best Hospitals in Tennessee

Starting off our list of the best hospitals in Tennessee is St. Thomas West Hospital. So to those in Nashville you're in luck.

St. Thomas received the highest rating possible in six out of nine different procedures and conditions. These included hip replacement, heart bypass, and knee replacement surgery among others. You can feel assured the doctors here have plenty of experience their procedures.

Search this hospital in your browser and you will see 3.7 out of 5 stars with over 100 google reviews. This is an impressive rating considering individuals are more likely to leave a review after a bad experience.

Dedicated to service of the poor and vulnerable, St. Thomas is both reliable and compassionate.

4. Methodist Hospitals of Memphis

Methodist Hospitals of Memphis - 5 Best Hospitals in Tennessee

Fourth on our list of the best hospitals in Tennessee are the Methodist Hospitals of Memphis. We say hospitals because of the north and south locations in Memphis.

With over 1,300 beds, this facility houses a large number of patients and it does it well. This hospital chain received the highest possible rating in five of nine procedures and conditions. It also ranked nationally in eight children's specialties including top 25 in pediatric pulmonology and top 20 in urology.

Methodist hospitals of Memphis also have more than 20 doctors with 21+ years of experience.

3. CHI Memorial Hospital

CHI Memorial Hospital - 5 Best Hospitals in Tennessee

Starting the top 3 of our list is CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, TN. If you are looking for a faith-based hospital, CHI Memorial may be your destination.

One reason this hospital is in the top 3 is due to achieving the highest ranking possible in all nine procedures and conditions.

In 2017 CHI Memorial provided more than $9 million in financial assistance, and more than $28 million in community benefit. They boast 661 physicians on staff, 62 primary care providers, and 24 specialists. Over 25 doctors have 21+ years of experience.

2. University of Tennessee Medical Center

University of Tennessee Medical Center - 5 Best Hospitals in Tennessee

Runner-up on our list is the University of Tennessee Medical Center. This hospital also boasts the highest rating possible in all nine procedures and conditions.

UT Medical Center ranked just outside the nationally ranked hospitals in two separate adult specialties. It has over 580 beds and an impressive arsenal of experienced doctors. The hospital stays involved in community events and was awarded four recognition from the American Heart and Stroke Associations.

From marathons to financial donations, UT is known for giving back. In 2013 the hospital gave out a total of $49 million in community investment and donations. If you're in Knoxville you luckily don't have to travel very far for amazing healthcare.

1. Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Vanderbilt University Medical Center - 5 Best Hospitals in Tennessee

Taking the top spot on our best hospitals in Tennessee list is Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Vanderbilt Medical was founded in 1874 and takes our top spot by a wide margin.

With the highest possible score in all nine procedures/conditions and national ranking in 17 specialties, Vanderbilt is a powerhouse. The facility is ranked 9 in urology & neonatology, 13 in pediatric orthopedics & pulmonology, and 7 in pediatric urology. It also boasts two more categories in the top 25.

Vanderbilt Medical is actually ranked in all 10 of the pediatric specialties. With 1,000 beds and managing over 2 million patient visits each year, there is plenty of room.  Satisfaction with the hospital overall is a four star average along with patient willingness to recommend.

No matter which one you seek for healthcare, all of these hospitals are great choices. Depending on specific needs one may be better than another. Always remember to research the hospital based on what type of care you need.

The importance of proper healthcare cannot be stressed enough. This list was made to give the reader an idea of the best hospitals in Tennessee should you need to seek one.

Also, if you're looking for jobs in the healthcare industry in Tennessee make sure to visit our page. You can also find career insights, salary trends, and even resume tips.