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11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

Hospital employers are constantly looking for candidates that bring unique skills and experience to add to their organization. Now more than ever, hospitals are looking to hire veterans. We have compiled a list of some of the best hospital jobs for vets.

Why Veterans Should Consider A Hospital Job

There are plenty of great jobs that veterans should consider when re-entering the workforce, or seeking new opportunities. One of the best industries veterans should consider is the healthcare industry, and more specifically hospital jobs.

Hospital jobs provide unique opportunities for veterans to showcase their unique skills and experience in one of the most unique environments today.

Hospital recruiters, hiring managers, and employers are seeking talented employees who can bring their diverse background and approach caring for patients in new and valuable ways.

The healthcare industry is constantly looking for ways to bring advancements into the healthcare industry to treat and care for patients in new ways.

One of the ways the healthcare industry can continually bring new ideas is through the hiring of vets who can bring a unique approach to solving problems and approaching tasks in the healthcare industry.

It’s this unique problem solving approach that is becoming so vital to healthcare employers and hospital recruiters moving forward.

11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

While there are plenty of great healthcare jobs for veterans to consider, we have put together some of the best hospital jobs for vets to consider when seeking new employment opportunities.

1. Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical Therapy Assistant - 11 Best Jobs For Vets

Becoming a physical therapist assistant is one of the best jobs to consider for veterans. Physical therapy assistants help provide critical aid to physical therapists in treating patients.

Physical therapy assistants work with physical therapists in assisting patients to help improve mobility, pain relief, prevent or minimize permanent physical disability, and promote overall wellness and fitness goals.

One unique thing about physical therapy assistants is that they will interact and deal with a variety of patients including victims of accidents, individuals stricken with short and long term disabilities, patients who suffer from lower back pain, and other issues.

One unique quality of veterans is that in some cases they can identify with these patients and relate to them in some capacity from some of the ailments they might have received from active duty service or the tolls that might be incurred while previously being a military member.

It’s this unique connection that makes veterans so unique for physical therapy assistant positions, as many other individuals cannot relate to their patients in the same way.

According to PayScale, physical therapist assistants make between $39,225 and $69,738.

For more information on what it takes to become a Physical Therapy Assistant, take the time to view our Physical Therapy Assistant Career Path, which has everything you could possibly need to chart your path to becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant.

2. Pharmacists


Pharmacist - 11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

Becoming a pharmacist has been rated as one of the best jobs for the United States. This means that those individuals who are looking for a hospital job that will also be a great job over the long term, becoming a pharmacist is one of the great careers to consider.

Pharmacists are responsible for understanding the use of various drugs and the effects they might have in relation to other drugs or various interactions that a patient might undergo.

Pharmacists are responsible for understanding the biological properties, physical properties, and the chemical properties of each drug. In essence, this makes pharmacists experts in the medical field due to the extensive education and knowledge that is required for the position.

If you are a veteran who has a knack for remembering key important details, or enjoy learning more about the science and make-up of certain things - then becoming a pharmacist as a veteran is something you should consider.

According to PayScale, pharmacists typically make between $83,706 - $136,203. This means that becoming a pharmacist certainly has its financial benefits for those who are willing to consider putting in the extra time and work that is required to become one.

For more information on what it takes to become a Pharmacist, take the time to view our Pharmacist Career Path, which has everything you could possibly need to chart your path to becoming a Pharmacist.

3. Radiologic Technologists


Radiology Technologist - 11 Best Hospital Jobs for Vets

Radiologic technologists perform a variety of diagnostic imaging procedures. Some of the various diagnostic procedures include mammography, sonography, cardiovascular, bone densitometry, computed tomography, MRI, nuclear medicine, quality management, and general radiography.

Radiologic technologists typically specialize in one of these imaging procedures, but need to be comfortable in each of them.

Radiologic technologists work to obtain a quality diagnostic image that can then be later used to diagnose diseases or identify various injuries.

This means that radiologic technologists are heavily leaned upon for accurate diagnoses and efficient care.

Radiologic Technologists typically make between $41,798.40 - $63,148.80.

For more information on what it takes to become a Radiologic Technologist, take the time to view our Radiologic Technologist Career Path, which has everything that you could possibly need to chart your path to becoming a Radiologic Technologist.

4. Social Worker

Social Work - 11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

One great hospital job for vets is becoming a social worker. Social workers are critical in helping families and individuals understand the challenges they might face in their personal situation or living environment, and how those challenges are related to their care.

Social workers will help assist individuals, groups, or communities to restore or enhance their functional capacity for social interaction.

This hospital job is great for veterans as they can help assist individuals through the use of problem solving and promotion of social change.

Social workers need to use their problem solving skills to help aid individuals and prevent crisis situations that might arise from the stressors of every day living.

ne unique thing about veterans is that they have been specifically trained with how to deal with stressful situations and cope with that stress. It’s this unique training, that can be beneficial for others.

Social workers typically make between $49,267.20 - $60,595.20.

For more information on what it takes to become a Social Worker, take the time to view our Social Worker Career Path, which has everything that you could possibly need to chart your path to becoming a Social Worker.

5. Registered Nurses

Registered Nurse - 11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

For those veterans who have medical experience, one great hospital job to consider is becoming a registered nurse. RNs are in high demand nationwide, and are one of the top occupations with the highest growth potential over the next decade.

A Registered Nurse’s responsibilities typically include caring for patients in a variety of ways. Some of these ways include, observation of a patient’s symptom signs, patient reactions to treatment, developing and managing treatment plans, educating patients and their families in continued care after discharge, and direct supervision of complex nursing care systems.

A registered nurse’s job is truly multi-faceted, which makes it a great hospital job for veterans who have had to juggle multiple responsibilities and tasks.

Registered nurses are in such high demand, that there are large incentives for those individuals who are willing to pursue a registered nurse occupation. For those veterans who are willing to go obtain their registered nurse licensure, there are also substantial signing bonuses available.

Registered nurses typically make between $48,499.20 and $74,841.60.

6. Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed Practical Nurse - 11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

Another entry point into nursing and caring for patients as a veteran seeking a hospital job is becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Licensed Practical Nurses require less education and requirements to becoming a practicing nurse than a Registered Nurse. As such, their responsibilities and compensation will be less than that of Registered Nurses.

Even though the responsibilities and compensation are less than that of a Registered Nurse, the great benefit of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse is that becoming an LPN is a great stepping stone into determining if working in the healthcare industry is something you are interested in.

A Licensed Practical Nurse’s job is to help care for the sick, injured patients, and help assist disabled individuals in any way needed.

If you find that you enjoy being a LPN, then you are in luck as many Registered Nurses become an LPN before pursuing their RN licensure.

Licensed Practical Nurses typically make between $37,344 - $45,964.80.

For more information on what it takes to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, take the time to view our Licensed Practical Nurse Career Path, which has everything that you could possibly need to chart your path to becoming an LPN.

7. Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory Therapist - 11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

Respiratory Therapists are responsible for assisting patients who are suffering from any respiratory disease or ailment.

In addition, Respiratory Therapists will help provide care and treatment to emergency patients who might be suffering from heart attacks, a drowning, or shock.

In addition, Respiratory Therapists will help provide aid to those who suffer from sleep disorders that might affect their normal respiratory action.

Respiratory therapists must rely on the extensive education requirements associated with cardiopulmonary physiology and pathophysiology to effectively evaluate, educate, and then provide the correct treatment options for patients.

Respiratory Therapists will typically make between $52,377.60 - $62,649.60.

For more information on what it takes to become a Respiratory Therapist, take the time to view our Respiratory Therapist Career Path, which has everything that you could possibly need to chart to chart your path to becoming a Respiratory Therapist.

8. Medical Technologist

Medical Technologist - 11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

Medical technologists are responsible for collecting samples from patients, and then running tests on those samples collected.

In addition, medical technologists supervise medical technicians, operate laboratory equipment, perform automated tests using computerized instruments, and perform manual tests.

Medical Technologists will also have the opportunity to specialize in a variety of fields including: Phlebotomists, Cytotechnologists, Immunohematology Technologists, Immunology Technologists, Microbiology Technologists, Molecular Biology Technologists, and Histotechnicians.

According to PayScale, medical technologists typically make between $40,397 - $69,860.

9. Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant - 11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

Another great hospital job for those veterans who don’t want to participate in actively caring for someone, they can use their organizational and structural skills to provide some order to the hectic and chaotic environment that a hospital can be.

Becoming an administrative assistant is a great hospital job for veterans who still want to help provide assistance to patients in a hospital, without having to directly care for patients themselves.

Veterans are uniquely suited to becoming successful administrative assistants, as veterans know all too well that the military doesn’t function at all without proper order and leadership. Administrative assistants help provide that leadership and order in a hospital.

Administrative assistant responsibilities typically include interacting with patients, filing important documentation, providing customer service, interacting with caregivers and physicians, and answering phone calls.

According to PayScale, administrative assistants typically make between $24,886 - $50,351.

10. Certified Nursing Assistant


Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - 11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

Similar to Licensed Practical Nurses, Nursing Assistants are a great hospital job for veterans who want to consider whether or not nursing is right for them, and get started on a pathway to potentially becoming a registered nurse down the road.

Nursing assistants help provide assistants to nurses where they need it most, dealing with patients.

A Certified Nursing Assistant’s main responsibilities include helping patients with a variety of basic tasks that might include: feeding, oral care, hair care, bladder care, walking, safety awareness, etc.

All states require a successful completion of the state licensure exam. To learn more about what it takes to become a CNA as a veteran for a hospital job.

Certified Nursing Assistants typically make between $25,267.20 - $30,988.80.

11. Supply Technician

Hospital Supply Technician - 11 Best Hospital Jobs For Vets

Another great hospital job for vets that doesn’t directly involve caring for patients is becoming a supply technician.

Supply technicians are vital to making sure that a hospital has everything it needs to provide care, and those supplies get to those who needed it most when treating patients.

Supply technicians are responsible for inventory control of all the supplies that a hospital needs. That means taking care of its inventory for tools, treatment packages, medical equipment, and more.

Supply technicians are a great job for veterans who enjoy structure and organization. Without structure and organization, hospitals and healthcare facilities wouldn’t be able to find any of the tools or equipment needed to treat and care for patients.

According to Glassdoor, Supply Technicians typically make between $36,660 and $41,314.


As one can see, there are plenty of great hospital jobs for vets. There are plenty of positions available for those who want to directly care with patients, and plenty of jobs that care for patients indirectly.

Hospitals, hiring managers, healthcare recruiters, and employers are all looking to continually add new faces to their workforce who can bring unique backgrounds and skills to approach care giving in new ways.

It is these unique approaches to solving care problems that will help push patient care forward. If you’re a veteran who has ever considered a career in healthcare, the time to get started is now.

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