Future Nurse Scholarship Award












Scholarship Award:


As a continual effort to support the U.S. healthcare industry and professionals themselves, and trying to alleviate the ongoing nursing shortage, HospitalCareers.com provides a highly regarded annual nursing scholarship that is available to nurses of all specialties.   


Award Amount:  $1,500 (USD)

Awards Available:  1 Yearly


Scholarship Eligibility:


Scholarship winners are chosen based on a variety of details and traits, each year in the month of August, coinciding with the beginning of the Fall semester. Only applications that are fully complete and follow the specific guidelines and instructions will be considered.   


Application Due:  August 1st

Award Issued:  September 15th 


Applicant Requirements:


Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student at a regionally or nationally accredited Institution and be pursuing a degree in nursing or nursing specialty and have:  


-Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher at time of application.

-Minimum of 30 credits at time of application.


Application Requirements: 


   1.  Download the application form (below) and complete all sections, fields, and boxes.


2.  Copies of recent transcripts from present school institute (originals not necessary).


      3.  One page essay describing yourself, interests, motivations, struggles, & future goals.


         4.  An updated resume, good enough to present to an Employer for review (word or pdf).


     5.  Email application and documentation in one email to:  admin@hospitalcareers.com.


Final Submission Details:


Applicants who submit all paperwork and follow the application process accordingly, during any annual submission, will also be considered for the following Fall semester as well (365 days).  However, no applicant will ever be awarded more than one scholarship per lifetime.  Please submit only one application and be aware you will be notified via email if selected as a finalist for a brief phone interview.  All finalists have 48 hours to respond to email notifications.


Each scholarship winner will be made public through various public channels and outlets including, but not limited to, social media, press announcements (local and national), and any other public channel or outlet deemed appropriate, necessary, and relevant to HospitalCareers.  Please note, applicants do not have a say as to which, nor how many, public channels are used and susceptible to change each submission year.



Please Note:  This award is based on multiple factors which include an applicant's history, academic and other pursuits, struggles and perseverance, individual circumstances, and overall desire to help others.  HospitalCareers.com is an Equal Opportunity Employer whose unbiased evaluations result in choosing finalists and an award winner.


Past Scholarship Award Winners:

Brittany McCoy - Future Nurse Scholarship


Brittany McCoy

Future Nurse Scholarship Recipient (Annual 2023)

"This opportunity will help me build a career making difference in my community."

Daniel Rios - Future Nurse Scholarship


Daniel Rios

Future Nurse Scholarship Recipient (Annual 2022)

"With this scholarship, I will show queer Latino youth that they are worth a happy, successful life and deserve a spot wherever their passions may be."

 Krysta Wilson - Future Nurse Scholarship


Krysta Wilson

Future Nurse Scholarship Recipient (Annual 2021)

"Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it." - Michael Jordan

 Candace Sneed - Future Nurse Scholarship


Candace Sneed

Future Nurse Scholarship Recipient (Annual 2020)

"This scholarship will help me continue to broaden my scope of practice and nurture patients and families, honoring each one’s values and beliefs."

 Dylan Williams - Future Nurse Scholarship


Dylan Williams

Future Nurse Scholarship Recipient (Annual 2019)

"I am very thankful to receive this scholarship as it will help me pursue my goal of becoming a CRNA!"