Registered Nurse (RN) - Bariatrics/Plastics

  • Memorial Health
  • Springfield, IL, USA
  • Apr 03, 2024

Job Description

A Registered Nurse at Springfield Memorial Hospital means becoming a part of a Magnet hospital that raises the bar for excellence.  The SMH environment expects high quality care for patients and RNs who want to advance learning to ensure they can be the best nurse possible. Quality nurses not only understand, but also exhibit, that “care starts with caring.”  Nursing is about caring for people. Above all else, working at Memorial means we expect you to exceed customer expectations.  You can do this by treating each patient as if they are the only one you are caring for that day, being the calm voice for the family, finding the answers when you don’t have one, and displaying compassion in all interactions. Surgical unit with subspecialties of plastics reconstruction/flaps with neurovascular monitoring that includes limb re-attachment, deep wounds (including vac dressings), sacral flaps, free flaps, breast reconstruction and tram flaps, as well as bariatric surgical patients, gynecology and general surgery patients. Care includes large dressings, use of specialty beds, medication administration, tracheostomy management, drains, wound and oral suctioning, vac pumps, IV fluid administration, IVAC, PAC and IV pain management, capnography, leeching, chest tubes, NG suctioninig and Keofed/GT tube feedings.

Employment Type

Full Time or Part Time