Nurse Anesthetist

  • UCLA Health
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Mar 18, 2023
Full Time Nursing

Job Description


Underthe supervision of an anesthesiologist, the Nurse Anesthetist (NA) will performsafe anesthesia care, consisting of the following: pre-operative assessment,writing of appropriate pre-op orders as specified by approved standardprocedure, administration of all types of anesthetic and techniques, patientmonitoring intra-operatively, provides for intra-op course and emergence andassists as necessary in post-operative care. You may be assigned to acombination of 8, 10, or 12 hours shifts, including evening, nights, weekends,and holidays totaling 40 hours per week as well as on call shifts. Work will beassigned to various OR's. Salary range: $104.72-$138.26 Hourly

Required: Knowledge of current nursing, anesthesia and critical caretechniques as evidenced by the following: Valid California RN and CRNA license- required Graduated from an accredited Master's or DNP program in Nurse Anesthesia -required Current certification/re-certification by the National Board of Certification & Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists -required BLS and ACLS certifications from AHA or ARC -required Required: Ability to perform thoroughpre, intra-operative, and post-operative assessments and formulate safeanesthesia care plan. Required: Skill in performing pre-operative assessment of surgical andnon-surgical patients, including: a. Identification of pre-existing disease entities and their potential impactupon anesthesia care and plan documentation of past medical history, physicalexamination, laboratory tests, ECG and chest X-ray b. Understanding interactions of pre-operative drug therapy with proposedanesthetic plan and agents for all age groups c. Identification of abnormalities on physical examination which pose potentialproblems in anesthesia management d. Understanding the medical indications for delay of elective surgery and forpre-operative specialty consultation Required: Ability to explain the proposed anesthetic technique,alternatives, risks and problems, thus obtaining proper documented legalinformed consent prior to the administration of anesthesia. Required: Ability to properly and completely document significantinformation to form an anesthesia record of pre-operative, intra-operative andpost-operative events. Required: Skill indetermining safe airway management and interpretation of physiologicalmonitoring. Ability to interpret physiological data (ECG, BP, vital signs,PCWP, SVR) and adjust intervention to optimize patient safety in all agegroups. Required: Ability to safely insert venous and arterial monitoring lines anddevices under medical direction of anesthesiologist. Required: Knowledge of pharmacology, dosage, side effects andcontraindications of all drugs currently employed in anesthesia practice atUCLA. Required: Skill in performing all techniques of MAC, regional and generalanesthesia commonly employed at UCLA for all age categories Required: Ability to recognizereturn of consciousness and reflexes signaling safe emergence from anesthesia,transport of patient to recovery room and informed report to qualified medicalpersonnel who will assume care of the patient Required: Knowledgeof current clinical and theoretical education and research techniques asevidenced by experience, academic credential degree, and license.

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