Staff Research Associate IV, Infectious Disease

  • UCLA Health
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Mar 17, 2023
Full Time Education Physician & Surgeon Research

Job Description


The employee, under the direction of the Principal Investigator, will assume the role of laboratory manager and perform specialized laboratory procedures in cellular immunology and molecular virology. The incumbent will be responsible for overseeing and directly performing molecular biology and immunology experiments related to the study of cellular immune response to HIV-1 infection, as well as managing and directing the tissue culture areas of the laboratory. The employee will also oversee the basic functions of the laboratory, including equipment maintenance for tissue culture, stocking of supplies, and supervision of other technicians to ensure smooth daily operations. The employee will report experimental results directly to the Principal Investigator and assist in data analysis for publication. Additionally, the employee will conduct literature searches to gather information for technical work or publications and organize and file all data for the investigator. The employee will develop and learn new laboratory procedures and techniques as needed, as well as review relevant research pertinent to the laboratory work. In summary, the employee will function as an independent laboratory manager and assistant researcher, working collaboratively with the Principal Investigator and research team. Salary: $68,520.97 - $110,261.29 Annually

Required: •BS degree in a biological science. •Knowledge of the T cell immunologic assays (chromium release assays, cell cloning, immunomagnetic separation). •General immunology assays (ELISA, ELISPOT). •Ability to design experiments with guidance from the Primary Investigator. •Knowledge of laboratory equipment, and supplies; maintenance of appropriate inventories and stock. •Ability to understand technical journals, instruction manuals, scientific texts, and other laboratory-related materials. •Ability to work effectively within a laboratory group and manage other employees in a leadership position. •Working knowledge of personal computer operation, including MS Word and MS Excel software programs, literature searches, journal article downloads. •Ability to write clearly using correct grammar and vocabulary to prepare laboratory protocols. •Reading skills to comprehend technical text and written procedures. •Skill in creative graphic outputs of data. •Working knowledge of medical immunology terms. •Skill in laboratory safety protocols including proper handling of radioisotopes and biohazardous substances, including chemicals, blood products, tissues and HIV EBV and vaccinia.

Employment Type